Thursday, 5 December 2013

Do Judge A Book By Its Cover!

I had a little fun re-imagining the Prince of Thorns cover & thought I'd make a mini-contest of it. Spoof a book cover - mine, or any that you want - send me the pic (short blurb text optional but good) at and a link to the original book/cover/art (if any) and I'll post it on the blog. Winner gets a prize!

Remember there's still time to buy a hardcover Broken Empire set for Christmas and read 'em before you give them to someone! ... but what cover would best sell the book to your target recipient?

For the romantic...

Prince Jorge Ancrath's heart burns with desire for the lovely princess Katherine, but will their love remain unrequited? Can the fiery French aristocrat melt the heart of this frosty German beauty? Can Katherine get past the Jorge's thorny exterior to the hot love-goo inside, or has the prince been hurt too many times before?

Illustration by Ed Tadielo

Check it out HERE.

For the lover of thrillers and noir crime fiction:

Prince of Thorns - hard-boiled noir crime fiction, PI George Ancrath falls foul of the mob ... but who's in most trouble? A must this Christmas! 

The cover actually belongs to Zero Cool by John Lange, the illustration by Greg Manchess - check it out HERE.

And as a first book for little Timmy or Jane:

Prince of Thorns - a touching and warmhearted family story for all readers - buy it for your granny/infant this Christmas! 

Borrowed from Little House on the Prairie, illustration by Renee Graef - check the original HERE.

So, clearly a book for all the family, and that evil old uncle you disowned. There's no excuse not to be leaving your nearest and dearest copies under the tree this bookmas!

Reader Designs

#1   by @daggerville 

For the Science Fiction fan:

Can Jorgus of planet Ancrath III defeat the Space Queen? Will his ultranium space armour and Star Spear be enough to preserve him on the PLANET OF TERROR?

By @daggerville using the Pulp-o-mizer site!

#3 by T.O Munro

A young man finds unexpected depths of resilience as he guides a disparate (desperate) band of comrades across a hostile land, until the unexpected benevolence of a distant relative enables him to make his own Mark and he can at last turn an unforgiving territory into a place called home. 

Original Pan Giant title cover for A town Like Alice by Nevil Shute

#8  by Dusty W.

#9  by Jeana

#10  Jeana

The ruthless CEO Olidan is impressed by Jorg Ancrath’s scheming abilities and forces him to infiltrate their rival company, Gelleth. But Jorg is not going to bend to anyone, especially not to the CEO whose office he desires. Can Jorg make the dangerous climb to the top?

#11  T.O Munro

A delightful coming of age tale as a young man fights off misunderstanding rivalry and well intentioned friends in his determined pursuit of that perfect fulfillment.

based on Louse Rennison's Angus Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging

#12  T.O Munro

Dysfunctional families and murderous mayhem, a rip rollicking read for all the family, tuck your children up with this family friendly reading.  Let your dad and/or your uncle read you to sleep!

Clearly stolen from GRR Martin's A Game of Thrones TV-inspired cover.

#13  Mia C.

#14  by Illidan

#15   by H.M.

and the original is HERE.

#16 by Dean

"In order to shed the trappings of a pawn and arise a player within the game of the Broken Empire, Jorg Ancrath must capture and kill Sageous, a dream-witch of immense power who has manipulated Jorg since childhood. However, in order to best him at his own game, Jorg must seek the advice of another.

That man is Corrion, a powerful dream-witch confined both physically and mentally to the dungeons of the Haunt. His intimate understanding of Sageous and the demons of Jorg's past  will propel the young prince along a precarious road of vengeance and, perhaps, redemption.

Link to the original:

#2  By David M.

#4  by Dusty W.

#5  by Dusty W.

#6  by Dusty W.

#7  by Dusty W.


  1. "Can Jorgus of planet Ancrath III defeat the Space Queen?"

    I don't know, but I'd sure as heck love to find out. I won't say it improves on the original, but it's definitely the best alternative cover I've ever seen!

  2. Space Jorg sounds like Kirth Gersen, but more badass

  3. How funny. Aren't these strange little thoughts that pop into our heads great?! This certainly entertained me :)

  4. I was just looking at my blurb for "Game of Thorns" and misread my own writing, rather than "tuck your children up", I read something else. Sort of made more sense in the context of both the books being references!

  5. OMG... I like the "CEO of Thorns". Very clever. They all were.

  6. Number 12 is so good, so much work put into it. Number 14 took about five minutes dodgy work and yet, it is my favourite.