Monday, 21 September 2015

Zombie Evolution

For no real reason:

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                                                         Happy to update / correct if new info comes to light...

(edit: with the 'infection zombies' there's a discussion to be had about whether they're dead or not and whether they count as zombies. I've decided that 28 Days Later is a zombie flick ... but it's true that others may consider World War Z to be the first real 'fast zombie' film)

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    In the 1957 film, "Zombies of Mora Tau," the zombies are not slaves and have no master controlling them — they are not "magically animated." They are undead beings (the dead crew of a sunken ship) apparently as a result of a curse. I think this is the first example of "masterless" zombies in the movies. The zombies were protecting the contents of the sunken ship, so the idea of guardian zombies may be a first here as well.