Monday 17 October 2011

King of Thorns gets a cover!


  1. Very nice cover.

    Does the existence of a cover come with a release date? :)

  2. Good question >mfanderson<: Release date?

    The cover is as brilliant as the last and I'm sure the third will also be great!*laugh*
    I love the way he holds himself. On the first cover all the swords and then he in the middle of them all. Love it from the beginning!
    And there it is again but it doesn't get boring it's just an hint more imposing but still not too much. Just right.Every detail ... is well conceived and in the right place. Great Job! I hope the book will at least hold a half of that what the cover promisses, because if it is so ... it's going to be the next best book I've ever read - beside >Prince of throns<!


  3. many thanks - though of course I can take no credit for the covers, I get what I'm given & I've been lucky.

    King of Thorns is on as being released on the 7th of August. Which sounds about right. It's possible the German version will come out first again (in May if it's a year after the first one).

    1. Your book was simply a work of extreme wit and sharpness honed to a fine point, every moment I found myself trying to anticipate what the princes next bold move would be and how deadly. I cannot express how much I look forward to your next book or how highly I Extol its predecessor. I,m sure you will not disappoint us but rather grace us with another Bloody good read.

  4. Thanks for information about the release date.
    I look forward to read it.

  5. Splendid! So much looking forward to holding the hard cover book...and then devour it :)

    Elora Basumatary
    Dubai, UAE

  6. I read Prince of Thorns and look all over for the 2nd one.... only to have my hopes crushed. Just have to find something to read until then!

    Also: Will it come out on Kindle at the same time? I will be most disappointed if it does not.

  7. King of Thorns is on ... for pre-order! Comes out August 7th & yes, it will be out on kindle on the same day as far as I know.

  8. Is there a release date set for the Dutch version because I can't find it anywhere ( the site of the dutch publisher is currently not functioning)