Thursday 6 December 2012

List of Lists .... Two!

(I did this last year ... I'm doing it again!)

List of Lists

2012 has been kind to King of Thorns!

Below are the 31 'Best of 2012' lists, 7 'Best of 2013' lists, 3 'Best of 2014' & 1 'Best of 2016' lists that I know of featuring King of Thorns (presented in chronological order of publication). The two main reasons for assembling this list of lists are:

i) A thank you to the reviewers in question. It's a labour of love maintaining a book blog.

ii) You're probably here because you liked King of Thorns. These reviewers (or in one case, these 50,000+ voters) appear to share your taste in one book, perhaps you will enjoy the other books on their lists.

Rob J Hayes

Myth and Mystery (Rick Riordan)
The Upstream Writer

Pompous Barbarian
A Fantastical Librarian
J. Michael Melican
Fantasy Review Barn
T.L. Gray
Fantastical Imaginations
Rants of Fantasy
SFF World members vote
A Fantasy Reader
Fantasy Book Review
Fantasy Book Critic
Ranting Dragon
Elitist Book Reviews
Reddit r/fantasy poll
Wilson Geiger
Barnes & Noble
The Royal Library
Adam P Reviews
Founding Fields
SFF Meta
Draumr Kopa - Fantasy Book Blog
Only the best scifi/fantasy
Musings of a restive mind
Fantastical Imaginations
Lynn's Book Blog
Knutter's Choice
SFF World
Great Reads
Pat's Fantasy Hotlist
The Flushies
Forbidden Planet
Nightlife Books
The Reading Frenzy
The Streetlight Reader
Goodreads Choice Award
Isaac Hooke, author

1 comment:

  1. Mark, Thank you for such a wonderful epic fantasy. You'll have to wait until Monday when I post my best of best list on The Reading Frenzy. Thank you for listing it last year. My review will be courtesy of RT Reviews again.
    I cannot wait for Emperor of Thorns.
    It's not only your writing that inspires me to read you but your giving to the charities that involve your beautiful daughter too. The world needs more human residents like you.