Wednesday 10 February 2016

A rough for the cover design on the Broken Empire special edition omnibus.

You can pre-order your copy here (while stocks last). The books are expected to go into production in Spring.

When the numbered edition is sold out $10,000 is being donated to the children's hospice charity!

All editions of the omnibus are hardcover, leather-bound for the lettered edition, cloth-bound for the numbered edition. There's no dust-jacket, the cover design goes straight onto the leather/cloth. The cover design (and interior graphics) are being done by graphic designer Nate Taylor who has done great work for Patrick Rothfuss. The interior art is by Jason Chan (who did the Broken Empire covers).

This is a rough version of Nate's proposed cover design. I like how the reflection of a single thorn forms the eye's pupil.

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