Saturday 14 May 2016

I have some signing to do!

UPS tried to charge my wife $86 to receive a package yesterday. Fortunately she sent them away and I was able to phone up and point out that there is no import duty on printed pages. They made some feeble excuse for their criminal incompetence and re-delivered later that day without any charge.

The package contained the signing pages for the special edition omnibus.

See some of the interior art HERE and pre-order a copy!


  1. ohhhh...I'm getting giddy. I've got the LE of this, and seeing what Shawn has done with other books, I can hardly wait!

  2. I think you should kill a UPS driver in your next book LOL
    very Exciting

  3. They just wanted an autograph on the sly

  4. Hi Mark,

    Is there any way I can bribe you for two signed bookplates? I have two books that are crying desperately for them and they are getting the rest of my books soggy. ;)~