Wednesday 14 December 2016


The long-awaited omnibus has arrived. The leather-bound lettered edition sold out in 9 minutes, but there's still time to hop on board the numbered edition shown here!

It's a fatty.

It's stylish!

It looks good with its clothes off...

There's an eye in there, looking out.

A ten thousand word Jorg story at the end...

Ten pieces of internal art! All scenes chosen from the story by readers.

And it's signed by me!
Also the cover artist of the trilogy (& artist for the internal art) Jason Chan
And Nate Taylor who did all the graphic design (as he does for Pat Rothfuss)

Here's Shawn Speakman of Grim Oak Press getting the first copy out of the box!
(#284, no prize for being 1st out, sadly)



  1. Damn, but that's a fine looking book!

  2. Yum! Nice book. Any chance you will offer a contest give-away :D ?

    1. Man I can't wait for mine to get here! Been such a long wait, but it looks well worth it!