Thursday 4 May 2017

SPFBO 3 - blogger line up!

So, if we are able to get 250+ entries for a third cycle of the Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off #SPFBO then these are the blogs that will tackle the horde.

These ten will undertake the following

In phase 1 which takes 6 months:

1. Put on their agent's hat and go through the slush pile of novels allocated to them (between 25 and 30 books) to find the one title they will put through to the final.

This does not mean they have to read all the books. My own agent would go through that number in a day. But hopefully they will read part of all of them and all of some.

2. Review that chosen title.

3. Select their 3 favourite covers for the cover art contest in which they will later vote.

It is hoped that they will also review some of their favorite books from the selection they were given.

In phase 2 which takes 6 months:

1. Read and score all 9 finalists from the other blogs.

2. Review their favorite.

3. Review the winner.

If their own finalist turns out to remain their favourite and to win, then they have no reviews to write in phase 2!

It is hoped they will feel moved to review some of the other finalists too,

The final result looks like THIS.


  1. So excited to see a BookTuber aboard for SPFBO #3! Kitty G is awesome and I can't wait to watch her reviews!

    1. I watched a few of her videos for the first time earlier. She is awesome. If I was on camera I think I would stutter and collapse... :(

  2. Here's a Twitter list of the 10 judges: