Wednesday 28 March 2018

Nona's charging ahead!

Today Red Sister caught up with The Liar's Key in the Goodreads ratings stakes!

Red Sister has been out nearly a year and The Liar's Key has been out nearly three years, so clearly Nona is doing well. Next in her sights is Prince of Fools.

Number of Goodreads ratings for the books in my trilogies.


  1. Hello Mark,

    The cover art for your books are brilliant. I have three questions if it's ok to ask them? If not and it is considered rude (I'm not very social so certain social etiquette's escape me), please forgive and apologies.

    1. Do you believe the cover art has helped with sales?
    2. Did you have any say in how they were created? (You have probably mentioned the answer to this in a previous blog that I've missed?)
    3. Did you have to pay any out of pocket for the artwork? (I understand if this question is too personal.)

    I'm very grateful for your blog, hard work, and especially what you do for the Self Published of the world with the SPFBO.

    North Carolina

    1. Many thanks for the kind words!

      1. I do.
      2. Almost none.
      3. No, that's not how traditional publishing works. Publishers give authors money, not the other way around.