Friday 9 November 2018

Limited Wish, cover reveal!

On April the first (no fooling) my first science fiction book is coming out!

Book 2 of the Impossible Times trilogy is due on the 6th of June, same year, 2019.

Here's the cover:

It's not a ray guns and spaceships scifi, it's set in 1980's London and centres on a D&D group. Find out more about it on or Goodreads.

Pre-order book 1 on Amazon US or UK.

& pre-order book 2 while you're about it!  US or UK.

There will be a hardcover edition (US only + in special edition form from UK bookseller Anderida Books), and Amazon Prime customers + Amazon First Readers will be able to get book 1 from April 1st. 

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