Tuesday 8 September 2020

My first text!

Perhaps it's a little late in the day for a writer and a scientist to have sent his first text, but there it is. Last week I sent my first ever text. I was in temporary command of one of my wife's phones (at the hospital where my daughter was having an operation) and a text came in that, if unanswered, would considerably inconvenience me - so I replied. Go me!

My embracing of technology is somewhat inconsistent - I got my first home computer (a ZX Spectrum) in 1982, but I don't have a smart phone and my very basic clamshell phone keeps getting cut off for "inactivity" despite having credit on it. To be fair, it does spend months uncharged in a drawer.

Basically I'm phone-phobic, which is the sharp end of my introversion. I don't like talking on a phone. You'll only find one podcast with me on it, and I've been invited to take part in dozens over the years. I'm not a social butterfly ... social cicada is more my speed - broadcast a lot of noise (online) and pop up in person once every seventeen years.

This is perhaps not the ideal configuration for an author. According to some sources authors need to network, press the flesh, and do business at conventions. In fact in a recent lawsuit one author was claiming that attending conventions was a vital part of his job. In my experience ... not so much.

We work with what we've got. Text is my medium, so perhaps in future I'll send more texts. But don't hold your breath!

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  1. Es long as that dosn't stop you from writing blogposts! I still have to win a contest eventually