Friday 2 July 2021



I'm published in Iran - these are the covers for The Red Queen's War trilogy.

Some interesting and related facts:

- Iran's laws allow publishers to publish my work (and that of other authors) without permission and to give none of the proceeds to the author.

- Despite that, the publisher of these books did seek my permission and offered me an advance payment and a contract for royalties.

- The US sanctions against Iran are far reaching and it's unclear how they affect books. I have seen accounts of US artists aggressively pursued by the US authorities over 'trade' with Iran.

- I'm a dual national US/UK.

- I did not want to unwittingly break any laws. The sums involved were certainly not worth the heat.

- I refused payment and contract and said that I had no problem with them sharing my work.

- Another Iranian publisher is due to publish One Word Kill. I said that it would be nice if any money, that might in happier circumstances come my way, could go to an Iranian children's charity.

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