Sunday 4 June 2023

The New World!

Once upon a time there was a limited edition omnibus!

And lurking at the very end was a 25,000 word novella called The New World, detailing Jalan's unhappy voyage to America with his bestest pal, Snorri.

That novella can now be purchased 😀

“A nun?”

“Well.” I tried my penitent face. Despite all that practice, I still wasn’t very good at it. “Nuns.”

“Nuns!” Omar threw up his hands. “You said it was just the once!”

“It was!” I fiddled with the sleeves of my cassock. “Just once. I swear it . . . Only with more than one nun.”

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Jalan by Lily Yearwood                    Snorri by Pen Astridge

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