Tuesday 5 April 2016

ARC of The Wheel of Osheim ... for sale!

******FOR SALE******

(Book pictured here beside Pen Astridge's picture of Snorri and Einmyria)

You missed it - went to Paul Shepherd for a $305 donation to the Children's Hospice.

You want The Wheel of Osheim 

- you don't have the drawing skill for the art contest
- words you am not good enough for the writing contest
- you don't feel lucky, punk...
- but you do have some spare cash ... hey ... being rich could pay off *just this once*, because this Advance Reader Copy (signed and stamped) that says "Not For Sale" on it ... is FOR SALE!

The auction is right here and will last for 24 hours. After that I'll package the ARC and send it to the highest bidder! Could be with you before the weekend...

What's the catch? The catch is that you have to pay by donating the money to Children's Hospice South West

Celyn and I are going to stay at one of their hospices for 3 nights over this weekend, so my ulterior motive is clear!

Make your bid below - if you don't win, you don't pay.

The donation page is here for anyone interested:


Ideally, make your bid in the comments on the Facebook post.

But if you don't have Facebook - email me a bid at empire_of_thorns@yahoo.co.uk

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