Tuesday 16 March 2021

Prince of Thorns signed hardback giveaway!

Contest Closed

(We had 47 donations across my various platforms and the random winner is Kenneth Bragg)

Simon MacHale had this "going spare" - he describes this as "reading copy" and "not perfect", but to my non-collector's eye it looks pretty much unblemished. Simon very generously sent it to me to find a new home for it.

It's the UK edition and signed in 2011 at a time when my signature was a lot further from a flat line than it is now.

Since it has a certain ££/$$ value and rarity I had a bit of a think about how to find a new owner.

I've collected a fair bit of money for Charlton Farm Hospice over the years but not recently. So I want to remedy that. Charlton Farm provide respite care and end of life care for severely disable children, and I've spent months there with my daughter Celyn having a great time. When Celyn was in hospital this January with septicemia and I stayed with her for the 9 day stay, Charlton Farm sent carers to give me a break.

So - to enter the random draw for this book all you have to do is comment here or on my social media and let me know that you've made a donation to Charlton Farm Hospice. It can be any amount, £1 is fine. And all you get for making a bigger donation is a bigger warm glow from knowing you've done a good thing. Everyone has the same chance of winning. And I'm going to trust everyone - because honestly, would any of my readers lie about doing it? Who wants that karma?

If you're commenting on this page remember comments need to be approved - so don't panic if it doesn't show for a day.

Open internationally.

I'll make the draw for the winner on Friday night (19th of March). 

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  1. Thank you so much for your generosity and thoughtfulness. Being from the US I was not familiar with Charlton Farm, but after some research, found them to be a very worthy cause.

  2. Such a fantastic cause to be supporting, Mark. Many families rely on respite services to help them in their day-to-day lives and it's not really something that people think about when looking for an organisation to support.

    I've donated and would love to see others doing the same, especially with such a great prize on offer!

  3. Nice work Mark, donated so that CHSW can keep up their great work!

  4. As I wrote the comment there too: if this donation can make even a minute better, that's worth for me! :)

  5. Always up for a good cause. I have made my contribution and now will hope to get lucky here for the book! Also, thank you for announcing the 10th Anniversary Edition.

  6. Done and done. Good on you all!

  7. Great work Mark! My donation is in.

    Hoping I get the copy, but money well ‘spent’ regardless of the outcome.

  8. Donated! Thank you.

  9. I just realized I forgot to say I donated in my fist post! Thanks again!(You don't have to post this)

  10. Donated what i could, better then nothing 🙂 Love the Trilogi, i even got a tattoo om my right leg, of all 3 covers. Thinking about getting band of brothers also, maby post it on Instagram aswell 👍 (happy birthday to me tomorrow on the 19th)

  11. Dear Mark,

    A reader's feedback, I hope you find it somehow useful. I practically devoured the Prince of Thorns series. Best fiction since Jerry Pournelle died. 11/10, WELL DONE.

    Then I kinda liked the first of the Prince of Fools. Not as good as the othe one, but okay-ish. I sorta liked the first half of the second book of that series. Passable. I am at 80% of it - where the prince considers an impossible mission to rescue his friend - and I wonder if I ever want to finish reading this book. It feels both tedious and depressive to me, as the prince is in a really bad shape. I don't know whether the tedium or the depressive part, but I do not like where this is going at all...

    I also do not like that Jorg had beaten impossible odds due to him being smart, but Jalan keeps getting rescued against impossible odds by deus ex machina (er, that should be plural, dei ex machinarum?)