Monday 29 June 2015

Fools' Contest!

If you're just here for the silly photos of authors, scroll down!

I *still* have some signed Prince of Fools paperbacks to dispense! And at least one proof copy of Prince of Thorns.


I will send you (internationally, but not off-planet) a signed copy if you:

a) Send me a photograph of any author looking foolish

- you can steal one off the internet
- ask a friendly author to pose for you (here's my "no!" in advance, try Snorri Kristjansson)
- or get a ladder and ... actually, no, there's just two ways


b) failing that, a photo of you or a loved one next to a free-standing pile of books that is taller than they are (here it helps to have young children).


c) are lucky enough to win.

I will send a book to the person who sends the best foolish photo. Another to the person who builds the tallest tower. And three more at random to anyone with a qualifying photo or tower. 

All entries will be posted here. Send them to me at

The contest is closed.

Best foolish photo:
#56 Peter Newman, Author of The Vagrant  - from Anderson
Scores points because it wasn't posed - just an unfortunate moment for Peter (actually a handsome chap)

Highest book-tower
#69 Book Tower! Taking it outside, at 9'5"  - from Jazz
A sterling effort with novel (geddit) stacking technique. I've tried this - it's hard!

Three random winners
#16 Angela Darling, Author of Fallen  - from Erick

#18 George RR Martin, posing as Daenerys  - from Daniela

#62 Book Tower  - from Jordan (tower measures 8'8")

Other entries

#74 Mary Robinette Kowal, Author of Shades of Milk and Honey, from  - TJ

#73 Neil Gaiman again  - from Sneha who also wanted you to see her book tower...

#72 Terry Brooks, Author of The Sword of Shanara  - from Hilary who didn't think it a foolish photo but wanted Mr B on the list!

#71 John Green again!  - from Nostalgia

#70 Book Tower! 7'3"  - from Chris

#68 Pat Rothfuss - most popular choice for foolish author photos  - from Hanin

#67 Robert E Howard, Author of Conan, showing there were geeks back in the roaring 30s - from Jacob

#66 Brent Weeks again - from Joel

#65 Some guy I don't recognise  - from Mia

#64 Joe Abercrombie, Author of the First Law trilogy  - from Radi

#63 Book Tower  - from Rhea (& Sean). Rhea reckons it's a thousand million feet tall.

#61 Book Tower  - from Milena (she's 1.65m)

#60 Author John Green  - from Chane

#59 Book Tower! 8'7"   - from Mark

#58 Brandon Sanderson again!  - from John

#57 John Green, Author of The Fault In Our Stars  - from Harveen

#56 Peter Newman, Author of The Vagrant  - from Anderson

#55 Book Tower - from Daire (who is 182cm / 5'11")

#54 Myke Cole, Sam Sykes (in owl suit), Peter V Brett  - from Michael

#53 GRRM, from Rob

#52 Authors Maureen Johnson, John Scalzi, and Bill Barnes  - from Josh

#51 Book Tower! - from Sonja (who stands 165cm)

#50 William Golding, Author of Lord of the Flies  - from Sara

#49 Jim Butcher, signing during a break from his day job at Burger King  - from Michael

#48 John Scalzi  - from Michael

#47 King George!  - from Anastasia

#46 Ninmue Brown, Author of Hopeless, Maine  - from Tom Brown (illustrator of Hopeless, Maine)

#45 Christopher Paolini, Author of Eragon  - from Stefani

#44 Sir Terry  - from Shea

#43 Stephen King with another animal friend  - from Bill

#42 John Gwynne, Author of Malice, preparing for Wimbledon  - from Kennedy

#41 Joe Abercrombie, Author of First Law, playing the drums on his belly at the Grim Gathering II while Peter Newman talks to the crowd  - from Antony

#40 Book tower! Showing that buying slip-cased special editions really pays off!  - from Karl

#39 The ubiquitous Rothfuss  - from Steve

#38 Chelsea Cain (& victim), Author of Heartsick  - from Kathleen

#37 Book Tower, with Coen for scale at 1.82m or 5'11"

#36 Myke Cole, Author of Control Point, posing as a friar ... for some ... reason  - from Jenny

#35 Patrick Rothfuss, challenged by Jeff to push his stomach out as far as possible!

#34 Brent Weeks, Author of The Night Angel trilogy  - from Ryan

#33 Sir Terry Pratchett, Quack!  - from FMC

#32 Ray Bradbury, Author of Farenheit 451  - from Francisco

#31 Brandon Sanderson again, with his sword, again ... he likes that sword!  - from Paul

#30 Book-tower! Click HERE for the construction and collapse sequence!  - from Erik

#29 Brandon Sanderson, Author of Mistborn  - from Hrishikesh

#28 Book-throne! -from Minett

#27 Jim Butcher, Author of The Dresden Files, preparing to release the hounds of war  - from Mindi

#26 Stephen King  - from Mindi

#25 Mary's Angels - various authors   - from Rob

#24 Stephen King, Author of ... well ... stuff  - from Michael

#23 Kevin Hearne, Author of Hounded  - from Joshua

#22 Neil Gaiman, Author of American Gods, with a new hairdo  - from Kass

#21 Mark Twain, looking surprisingly buff for someone from olden times...  - from Jason

#20 Patrick Rothfuss, officially the most foologenic author  - from Kevan

#19 Nick Offerman, Author of Paddle Your Own Canoe (I'm reliably informed that if you're used to seeing him with his trademark moustache then this is a foolish photo)  - from Matthew

#17 Peter V Brett (V stands for Veryflexible), Author of The Warded Man  - from Jude

#15 Sammie J, Author of Rock the Viper  - from her husband, Anthony

#14 St Patrick's 3rd showing, this time blessing a child  - from Marc

#13 Ben Galley, Author of The Written  - from Robert

#12 John Scalzi, Author of Old Man's War  - from Ben

#11 EL James, Author of 50 Shades of Money  - from Pavle

#10 Pat Rothfuss again ... are we starting to see a pattern?  - from Carrie

#9 Book Tower - from Nick (& little sister) - innovative bridging technique!

#8 George RR Martin  - from Nadjad

#7 Brian Jaques, Author of the Red Wall books  - from Leslie (who didn't take the shot but has met him)

#6  - from Sadir, he says he's sorry, but he's not!

#5 Book Tower - I'm not convinced it's free standing ... but there are some good books at the top  - from Megathura

#4 Grim Gathering I (blurring caused by laughing at my introduction of Joe Abercrombie)  - from Sue

#3 Donald Trump, Author of ... whatever...  - from Dustin

#2 Pat Rothfuss, Author of The Name of the Wind  - from Ben

#1 Pierce Brown, Author of Red Rising  - from Charlie

Random photo: