Wednesday 9 March 2022

Lottery for Ukraine - The Red Queen's War vs Russia's War.

Contest Closed - Winners notified - £1550 raised!

Don't let the lack of a prize stop you contributing.

Like most people, I'm in mourning over the invasion of Ukraine.

Seeing the refugees up stakes and leave their homes is particularly affecting, since I know there will be many families, like mine who can't do that. I imagine trying to get my profoundly disabled youngest daughter, Celyn (18 today) across a war torn country, leaving behind vital medical equipment and access to all the services she needs.

I've donated to the Red Cross / Disasters Emergency Committee appeal for Ukraine, to aid refugees and others still suffering within the country.

In order to encourage/remind others to do the same I'm putting up copy #997 of The Red Queen's War special edition omnibus.

Each "lottery ticket" is £5 and you "purchase" them by donating to the Ukraine appeal:

Just make a donation and forward the acknowledgement email to me at and you're in the draw with as many chances as you have tickets.

I'll also throw in a free signed book of some description as an additional prize for every £250 we manage to raise collectively.

Amount raised = £1550

(prize pot = omnibus + 6 other signed books)


Adrian C - omnibus heading to the furthest away place possible!

Joanne Foxton

Jack Cropper

Kat Brotton


Matt D

Chris C

Here's the main prize: