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I'm giving away a signed (dedicated if you like) ARC of THE BOOK THAT WOULDN'T BURN!

An ARC (Advance Reading Copy) is a big fat paperback with a diffent cover design to the actual book.

They're produced in very limited numbers and haven't gone through the final proof reading stage. They are however, the most collectable of books because of their scarcity.

However, if the winner would rather have a shiny hardback copy instead - that's fine - you can have one. (video of me showing off the hardback here).

To enter:

i) consider this question: If your library (bookcase, shoebox etc) was on fire ... which book would you save first?

ii)  send me a photo of the book. For a double chance to win, make it an interesting photo - bonus for you being in it in the act of saving said book. Photoshop etc all allowed.

Send photos to:

& the winner is #42  Sarah B, sorry you couldn't all win!


#94  Kate A-B  ---  "Here along with my playing card collection and my paperweight collection (both fire save candidates) is my signed 10th Anniversary copy of The Name of the Wind."

#93  Jim M  ---  "Signed by all! But I will definitely grab your red queen’s war and broken empire omnibuses toO! Jorg might be my favorite character of all time"

#92  Franck P  ---  "My Assassin's Fate copy signed by Robin Hobb with a postcard from the lady herself!"

#91 Andrew K  ---  "My Assassin's Fate copy signed by Robin Hobb with a postcard from the lady herself!"

#90  Mr Collector  ---  "I would save "Prince of Thorns" as this is the first serious book i ever read and i really enjoyed it."

#89  David W  ---  "I would have to save the book that first got me into sci-fi, Dune. I promise I didn't burn my house down for this picture."

#88  Fredrick A  --  "the choice was not easy"

#87   Paul F-D  ---  ""There were once two women who lived on the back of a turtle..." An ARC to win an ARC? I picked this up in a second-hand bookshop some 27 years ago when I needed something to read on the bus from London to Bristol. It's disintegrating now from having been read so many times and is now more relic than anything. I "saved" it by buying a new copy, which is also now yellowing with age. Not a very dramatic backstory, or a dramatic image, but it's one of my most treasured possessions - and now that Rachel is entering her final days, it's one I've been thinking of a lot."

#86  Frank I  ---  "Think I’d have to save my 1/1 The Gunslinger by Stephen King. The first king book I read back in 8th grade. Maybe my favorite series of all time. And wouldn’t be too hard saving given my profession"

#85  Birgitte S  ---  "I would not be able to pick one book only, a year ago i would, but now i need to pick a stack in which 3 of your books are in."

#84  Adam P

#83  Emma V  ---  "One hand for the baby
One hand for the book
I'll drag my partner out with my foot

The book I've chosen to save
Is Legend by good ol' Dave
It's the book I've most read
And it's inscribed by my best friend
Who is also a bit of a ledge!"

#82  Matt M  ---  "the book I would save is my Players Handbook. That is my framework for storytelling. I wouldn’t save just one story, I would save the gateway to an infinite amount of stories and worlds and characters and boundless adventures."

#81  Tamas H  ---  "I'm saving the kid from the duplo fire while she's saving my chosen book."

#80  Bonnie J  ---  "The book I would save would have to be my signed and numbered first edition of Rhythm of War(with the original printing error)

I would send my son Plasmic Oatmeal to save this book from burning. My long furby protects all of my books ;)"

#79  Venesse  ---  "Here’s my submission for the giveaway! The book is “The Alchemist: Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel” by Michael Scott."

#78  Thomas N  ---  "This book is the most dramatic story of all. And I'm a biologist, so I had to pick it!"

#77  Seth M  ---  "My arc of Unfettered III (but who are we kidding I would save as many as I could carry)"

#76  Pawel M.  ---  "Why save one book when you can save (almost) all of them... and yours among them?"

#75  Mathias V

#74  Danielle R  --- "I would not be able to choose a hard copy of a book but rather would probably choose my phone as my primary access to my electronic title."

#73  Donna M  ---  "I would save my Slipcase Hardback Signed Numbered special edition copy of The Black Magician Trilogy by Trudi Canavan"

#72  Johnathon L  ---  "Maybe not the best book in my collection but it's the one that made me fall in love with reading."

#71  James S  ---  " the first book I've ever owned that was signed by its author."

#70  Luka K  --  "The book that got me into fantasy."

#69  Christopher B  ---  "It's one book in two volumes. I hope that counts! (The Way of Kings, Kickstarter collector's edition)"

#68  Rebbeca S.  ---  "the first book I voluntarily read, loved and set me on a wonderful path of reading, writing and teaching"

#67  Mark M  ---  "There are a lot to choose from, but this fiery covered copy would be high on my list to save!"

#66  Leon K  ---  " it would probably be my Eros and Civilization book by Marcuse, which I've been trying to valiantly finish for oh, 20 or so years"

#65 Shelley A  ---  "My favorite edition of my favorite book."

#64 Chad T ---  "Signed by Mr. King for Caleb’s 5th birthday"

#63  Andrew W  ---  "These are all the same book, so it counts as one, right?"

#62  Bob P.   ---  "This is my signed copy of Maskerade, this would be my first choice"

#61  Darko C  ---  "One of the best opening books in fantasy history, but know....He is no Mark Lawrence"

#60  Sean K  --- "Pre-drama."

#59  Danielle B  ---  "Wouldn’t be able to sleep if I left this book behind…"

#58  Asta G  ---  "I'd have to say it would be my first edition 1957 Lord of the Rings set."

#57  Jeanette A  ---  "Not sure it can burn, it came to me in strange ways"

#56  Aaron W  ---  "Still haven’t read this yet and I’m saving it for a rainy day, and hopefully that rain will put out the bookshelf fire"

#55  Rhys J

#54  Beverly C  ---  "I would definitely have a problem because I wouldn't grab just one. I would try to lug out these 3 limited editions."

#53  Alexis R-E  ---  "I might just end up burning  while I try to decide what book to grab"

#52  Marilyn P  ---  "I bought this recently (still shrink-wrapped). It definitely has drama!"

#52  Sean C

#50  John W  ---  "This is worth an awful lot for the memories it gives me and cha-ching the money it is worth."

#49  Bill G ---  "Gotta be my 1 volume 2nd edition of Lord of the Rings"

#48  Mike M ---  "Was given to me by a good friend."

#47 Lynn K  --  "I’ve kept these pristine signed copies safe for 35 years, I’d undoubtedly run through fire to save them."

#46 Katie M  --- "Tough choice of which book to save! But I think I’d grab the signed copy of The Girl and the Moon."

#45 Dominik Z.  ---  "I would probably save The Silmarillion first. Got it last Christmas from my brother who bought it with his first salary in his new job."

#44  David B  ---  "I would be saving all my Clive Barker books, especially my omnibus books of blood."

#43 Kane O

#42 Sarah B  ---  "I would save "The Way of Kings" by Brandon Sanderson. Not expensive or rare, but the book that opened the world of fantasy for me."

#41 Vonna W   ---  "gotta be the first book I found difficult to get a copy of"

#40 Nicholas P  ---  "I would save my copy of Ross Gay's volume of poetry Bringing the Shovel Down."

#39 Ashley S  ---  "I went with my leather bound copy of Nevernight because it’s the most money I’ve ever spent on a book"

#38 Jason S  ---  "Just one?!?  This guy has been read and loaned and dropped so often that I’ve started learning leather book binding so it can go live with my kids!"

#37 Donna C  ---  "Hmmmm…. Which one would I choose? “Pruning and training” has very useful gardening info and illustrations! Versus Girl and the Moon!"

#36  John Z  ---  "This is me burning to death as I try to decide which book to save. Ultimately I grabbed the red queens war omnibus but probably too late to escape with the book or my life. "

#35  Matt W  ---  "Convinced this book is from some twisted future where we are all rabbits. Our collective future depends on saving this masterpiece."

#34  Kenneth B

#33 Daniel M  ---  "if I was to grab 1 from the fire it would have to be Fire and Blood by George R. R. Martin"

#32 Mark B  ---   "The Neverending Story. My journey into fantasy started right here. I took the adventure with Bastian and Atreyu fought the Nothing.. I can’t let Fantasia get in trouble & burn considering I just saved it.  Better bridle up Artax."

#31 Krisztian --- "“The Nightingale Trilogy” from Brent Weeks in hungarian language. Have it since my childhood"

#30 Melissande M  ---  "Robin Hobb's illustrated 25 year Anniversary edition of 'Assassin's Apprentice'. So in love with this beautiful rendition!"

#29 Elizabeth D  ---  "Had this baby longer than my husband"

#28 Christine G-D  ---  "has seen much hardship and tape but there is no other book that deserves life more then this one in my care"

#27 Lisa G-M  ---  "Still looks like new."

#26  Alan B  ---  "My absolute precious"

#25 Joe H

#24 Simon M  ---  "Favourite book from my late teens; upgraded to this signed edition years later and absolutely love it"

#23 Alexe P ---  "I’d be reaching for this doorstop. The Castings trilogy has to be one of my all time favourites"

#22 William J  --- "This copy of The Hobbit I have because I met the illustrator and he signed it"

#21 Megan H-V  --- "My Hogwarts Library editions of HP"

#20 Red W  ---  "This or the Red Queens War Omni. Hopefully both."

#19  Kyle H ---  "my kid in one arm and the omnibus in the other and all the encouragement I can muster for my wife as I scramble out the door"

#18 Jo K

#17 Thomas B ---  "Bloody love this book"

#16 Ken U-S ---  "The fire won't touch this on my kindle, I will simply slip between realities."
#15 Amiee W

#14 Andrew C --- "My copy of Gene Wolfe’s Bibliomen - hand made and lovely"

#13 Tyrell H --- "My Eastern Press edition of Storm Front by Jim Butcher"

#12 Paul H --- "extremely rare test copy (only unnumbered) of Whispers, by Stephen King."

#11 Vickie G ---  "My entry 😏 only 1% of player's can spot the cat"

#10 Sheree L  --- "this one is irreplaceable"

#9 Kevin G --- "No books were harmed in the making of this image!!!"

#8 Christoffer L --- "This one is signed, one of the few in my collection!"  *note the fire extinguisher

#7 Lara R --- "I'd have to save this helped me come back to books when I had a Burnout some years back"

#6 Kelly C --- ""

#5 Marxus W --- "I’ve had it since I was 12 years old. Found it outside my high school."

#4 Jason T --- "I haven’t stopped reading since the day I picked up that book."

#3 Meaghan R --- "I have to save my Broken Binding edition"

#2 Ivan B -- "The book I would definitely save from a fire on my shelves, got to be the signed numbered I corrected proof of Milan Kundera Immortality."

#1 Tammy D.   --  Feels like a 2 for 1!

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