Thursday 20 December 2012

A Year In Numbers ... Two!

So following on from a similar post this time last year I record a year of triumphs and failures. A moment where I let the numbers-guy in me out of his cage before another year confined to only coming out at work.

It's been a pretty good 2012 all told! I get staggeringly little information on sales - it has to pass the dual barriers of my publishers' accounting department and my agent's accounting department. I do however believe I've now sold more than 100,000 books world wide. And that's pretty special!

Possibly the highest point of my writing career can be summed up in these pictures from the UK Amazon's best sellers in Epic fantasy kindle and hardcopy lists. During this price promotion Prince of Thorns was at one point the 27th best selling book in the UK on Amazon - happy face doesn't cover it :D

Lies, damn lies, and statistics to follow:


  1. It's always nice looking at things after taking a step back. Some real high points there. Am *almost* done with 'Prince of Thorns'. Going to line 'King of Thorns' up on my kindle next!

  2. Great year Mark, I'm sure we'll be seeing Emperor of Thorns on lost of 2013 lists too.
    Happy New Year and Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family

  3. Great job on reaching 100,000 so quickly - you'll break a million before you know it. (Also, love the candour! These kind of stats are really useful.)

    1. I've never been secretive over numbers - my parents always refused to tell me what they earned & I guess I went the other way. Fortunately I don't overshare on personal details :D

  4. Great job and great books. So many books in fantasy are so unreal when it comes to war and what happen after the killing is done. You hit the truth of it and it gives your books a real look into the ugly truth.

    Looking forward to the next book.

    I like how your cover art is progressing from book to book. The amount of swords and bodies grow as he grows in rank.