Saturday, 23 May 2020

SPFBO 6 - Phase 1

This page is for phase 1 of SPFBO 6  -  read more about the contest here.

Phase 1

The entries so far (updated randomly)


Olivia Atwater   Half a Soul
Jonatan Håkansson   Bloodline: Rise
Thiago d'Evecque   Limbo
J E Thompson   A New Beginning
Ashley Capes   The Five Furies of Heaven
JC Kang   Crown of the Sundered Empire
Anne C. Miles   Sorrowfish
H.R. van Adel   Covenant of Blood
Travis M. Riddle   Spit and Song
Davis Ashura   A Testament of Steel
Dustin Porta   Whalemoon
E.G. Stone   The One Who Could Not Fly
Samuel Gately   The Headlock of Destiny
Jesse Nolan Bailey   The Jealousy of Jalice
M. Warren Askins   Beyond the Spire of Navarene
Phillip Murrell   Augury Answered
D.K. Holmberg   The Edge of Darkness
Rachel Emma Shaw   Last Memoria
Todd Herzman   A Dark Inheritance (Hollow Fate Book 1)
Douglas Bain   The Woeful Wager, book 1 of The Race to the Blackened Nevers
Clayton Snyder   The Obsidian Psalm
J.D.L. Rosell   A King's Bargain (Legend of Tal: Book 1)
Matt Heppe   Bull and the Goblin Raid
Margaret Mason   The Wall
Jed Herne   Across the Broken Stars
Shaun Paul Stevens   Nether Light
Patrick Samphire   Shadow of a Dead God
Jon Herrera   Emma and the Minotaur
Judith Starkston   Priestess of Ishana
David Samuels   I, Exile
J.P. Valentine   The Nothing Mage
Todd Maternowski   Exmortus: Towers of Dawn
Toby Frost   Blood Under Water
Sarah Chorn   Of Honey and Wildfires
Zack Argyle   Voice of War
G.M. White   The Swordsman's Lament
Melissa Wright   Frey
K.A. Ashcomb   Worth of Luck
Lola Ford   Heartscale
Erik A. Otto   A Tale of Infidels
Gordon Greenhill   Flight of the SkyCricket
Aldrea Alien   To Target the Heart
T K P Sternberg   The Singing Gold
Mark Johnson   The Renegade Within
Miranda Honfleur   Feast of the Mother
Benedict Patrick   The Flight of the Darkstar Dragon
Phil Williams   Aftan Whispers
D.H. Willison   Harpyness is Only Skin Deep
Robert H. Fleming   The Fall of Erlon
Andrew Marc Rowe   The Hammer Of The Gods: So You Want To Be A Star
Marc Vunj Kannon   Unbinding The Stone
Stephen Murray   The Longest Shadow
Myn Aunsoo   CONFUNDO ET TRANSFIGURO Of Dreams, Hunger, and the Hunt...and Vampires
Chris R. Underwood   Shadow of the Lantern Bearer
Rogan Feltmate   Night of the Bloody Tines: A Dark Fantasy Epic
Timothy S Currey   Death of the Tree Path
Kai Greenwood   Code of the Communer
Ryan Howse   The Alchemy Dirge
E. D. Lazure   Of fractured lands and sundered dreams
Allan N. Packer   The Stone of Knowing
Willem Neill   Embered Soul
Christopher Keene   Cycle of Blades
Jay Veloso Batista   Thorfinn and the Witch's Curse
Jesse Teller   Legends of the Exiles
Michele Amitrani   Lord of Time
Susana Imaginário   Wyrd Gods
Blake Michael Nelson   The Demon in the Metal
R.D. Henderson   Death of the Invisible Financier
J. Rushing   RADIO
Deborah Grace White   Heir of the Curse
Mandy and G.D. Burkhead   The Black Lily
Jonathan Pembroke   Rumble in Woodhollow
Stas Borodin   Magic, Sorcery and Witchcraft
Jon Monson   Rise of the Forgotten Sun
Gareth Lewis   Tales of the Thief-City
Joseph O. Doran   The Child of Silence
Edward Nile   Ironshield
John Bierce   The Wrack
Mitchell Hogan   Incursion
Jamie Edmundson   Og-Grim-Dog: The Three-Headed Ogre
Fiona Jeeves   Burning Embers
Nicholas McIntire   The Hunter's Gambit. Book 1 of the Archanium Codex
Tony Johnson   The Story of Evil - A Hero's Downfall
Keith Blenman   The Girl Drank Poison
G. Campbell   Dames and Demons
Kevin Wright   The Last Benediction in Steel
Patrick LeClerc   Spitting Image
Christopher C. Fuchs   Lords of Deception (War of Four Kingdoms Book 1)
Lucas Pederson   Wynter's Edge
Alexzander Christion   By the Hand of Dragons: AlinGuard
Paul Freeman   Blood Of Kings: The Shadow Mage
Suzannah Rowntree   A Wind from the Wilderness
C M Debell   Silver Mage
Brandon M. Lindsay   Shoreseeker
Jason Franks   Shadowmancy
Rachel Neumeier   TUYO
Justin Lee Anderson   The Lost War
Rohan M. Vider   Free Agent
SC Gowland   The Souls' Abyss: Book One - The Dark Crown
E.G. Radcliff   The Hidden King
Aiki Flinthart   Blackbirds Sing
R.D. Henderson   Death of the Invisible Financier
Dominic Adler   Timberwolf
Lesli Evans   Keepers of Arden: The Brothers V1
Madolyn Rogers   The Copper Assassin
Luke Daher   First Steps
Crystal Crawford   The Edge of Nothing
Michael R. Fletcher   Black Stone Heart
Taylor Aston White   Witch's Sorrow
Simon Kewin   Hedge Witch
Celine Jeanjean   The Bloodless Assassin
Meg MacDonald   Oath Sworn
Kirk Dougal   Legacy of Bones
Edie James   The Steel Road
Stephen J. Ethier   The Void Revealed
Jason J. Nugent   The Blood Stone: Curse of the Drakku Book One
Ryan D Meier   Shadows of Creation
Sean Crow   Godless Lands
J.R. Rasmussen   A Dream of Fire
Matt Larkin   Darkness Forged
Jason A. Holt   Fighter Fred and the Dungeon of Doom
Mike Truk   The Five Trials
John D. Pepe   The Lone Wolf
Joan Lightning   Falling Shadows. Guardians of Reyth Volue 1
Chris Behrsin   Dragonseer
Joel Spriggs   Another Dead Intern
JA Andrews   Dragon's Reach
David Viergutz   The Demonic Compendium
Angela J. Ford   Pawn
Mark Hood   Jacob's War
Steve Thomas   Mid-Lich Crisis
Rachel Medhurst   Shrouded Kingdom
Brian D. Anderson   Dragonvein (Book One)
Bharat Krishnan   Oasis
Steven Smith   Kingdom of Aces - Ruby Edition
Miri C. Golden   Land of Perpetual Night
Gabriel   NEON RED I - Shimon of the Stars
Derek Prior   Last of the Exalted
Catrin Russell   The Power of Conviction (The Prime Series, book #1)
M. J. Padgett   Eiagan's Winter
Eric T Knight   The Knights of Dragonwatch
Megan Haskell   Forged in Shadow
Elana A. Mugdan   Dragon Speaker
Benjamin Medrano   Ancient Ruins
Aaron Hodges   Warbringer
A D Green   Rivers Run Red
T.L. Branson   Soul Siphon
T. A. Hernandez   Calico Thunder Rides Again
Matthew Sylvester   Hell Hound
T.L. Branson   Sworn Guardian
Eric Sparks   Truth Unearthed
Andy Peloquin   Shields in Shadow (The Silent Champions Book 1)
Anela Deen   Night Latch (The Locksmith Duology #1)
Jeffrey L. Kohanek   Wizardoms: eye of Obscurance
R.J. Batla   Fire Eyes Awakened
Blake Arthur Peel   Ranger's Oath
Joshua Smith   Immortals
Rainbow Maccabre   Political Nightmare
S. Kaeth   Between Starfalls; Book One of Children of the Nexus
Rachel Ford   Squire Derel
RJ Hanson   Fires that Forge (Book I of the Lords of Order & Chaos Series)
L.E. Price   Paradise Clash: Bounty Hunter
ML Spencer   Chains of Blood
E. G. Bateman   Fade
H.C. Harrington   Daughter of Havenglade
Aaron Bunce   The Delving
Emilie Knight   Era of Undying
Z. Apollo & M.J. Northwood   Birth Of The Dawnhawk
Blake Severson   The Dimensional Wars, Dravincia
Justin DePaoli   Auring's Wrath
Marina Ermakova   Chains Carried on Wings
J.T. Williams   Of Shadows and Blood
Joshua Smith   Immortals
Cully Mack   A Voice That Thunders
Kristen Gupton   The Phoenix Prince
Olga Werby   God of Small Affairs
Shan R.K   House Of Legions
Robert Zangari   A Prince's Errand, Book One of Tales of the Amulet
N A K Baldron   Sorcerer's Quest
David Hambling   War of the God Queen
Tiger Hebert   Dragon's Fire
Nicole Zoltack   Bloodlust
Antoine Bandele   By Sea & Sky
Jennifer R. Povey   Firewing
Ela Bambust   Demon Queen
Jake Kerr   Tommy Black and the Staff of Light
Dorian Graves   Bones and Bourbon
J.M. Bergen   Thomas Wildus and the Book of Sorrows
Kristen S. Walker   The Reluctant Witch: Year One (Santa Cruz Witch Academy #1)
Timandra Whitecastle   Queens of the Wyrd
Danielle Mathieson Pederson   Lasera ~ Book One of The Mer Archives
Blake Arthur Peel   Ranger's Oath
Scott Warren   The Dragon's Banker
Selina J. Eckert   This Cursed Flame
David Folker   Relentless
Liz Delton   Meadowcity
Ono Ekeh   The Clay Queen
Darian Smith   Currents of Change
J.J. Coffelt   Nightfall: Blessing of Fury Book I
James Alderdice   The Usurper
J. M. Hemmings   Path of the Tiger
Anthony Stevens   Shifter Shadows
J.A. Clement   The Dragons Teeth
Betsy Flak   A Brush with Vampires
Allen Stroud   The Sword of Wisimir
stuart kurth   Two Blades
Glenn Birmingham   Dragon Source
Gerhard Gehrke   Midnight Monster Club
Sarah Lin   The Brightest Shadow
C.D. Alexander   On Winter's Eve
Evan Witmer   Long Stories: early immortals and the birth of death
K.M. Weiland   Wayfarer
Stacey Trombley   Trial of Thorns
Jenny Schwartz   Stray Magic
Marion Blackwood   A Storm of Silver and Ash
Nerine Dorman   Inkarna
Russell Meek   The Madness of Hallen
Vichet Ou   The First Rule of Adventuring
Russell Meek   The Madness of Hallen
Chris Ing   Heart and Soul Fist
Caren Hahn   Burden of Power
John Bailey   Dire
Clara Coulson   A Knight of Cold Graves
Claire Boston   The Assassin's Gift
Peter Thomson   The Servant's Story
Shami Stovall   Knightmare Arcanist
Andy Giesler   The Nothing Within
Steve Curry   Austin Wyrd
Deborah Makarios   The Wound of Words
Kate Ramsey   Finding Fairy Tales
Selina R. Gonzalez   Prince of Shadow and Ash (The Mercenary and the Mage #1)
Xina Marie Uhl   Necropolis
Xina Marie Uhl   Necropolis
Vincent B. Moneymaker   Dragons, Knights & Dinosaurs
raymond st. elmo   The Origin of Birds in The Footprints of Writing
Dave Dobson   Flames Over Frosthelm
Gracen Bridges   Earthcore: Aftershocks
Geetha Krishnan   Pradyutita
Tameri Etherton   Dragon Mage
Astrid V.J.   Aspiring, Part 1 of the Siblings' Tale
Astrid V.J.   Gisela's Passion
Stephen James Wright   The Ninth Knight
Elle Cardy   Wielder's Prize
A B Endacott   The Ruthless Land
Amanda Fleet   Aegyir Rises
A B Endacott   The Ruthless Land
Natalya Capello   Song of Shadow
Ryan Kirk   The Gate Beyond Oblivion
Marc Secchia   The Pygmy Dragon
E.L. Aldryc   My Friend, The Gifted: A Sci-Fantasy
Barbara G.Tarn   Magical Friends
R. Dugan   The Chaos Circus
Morten W. Simonsen   Fire Within
E.B. Brooks   Emissary
M.K.Adams   Child of Destiny
M T McGuire   Few Are Chosen, K'Barthan Series: Part 1
Marco Marek   Hyperearth
Brett Humphrey   Awakening-Dragonborn Book 1
A.G. Marshall   Princess of Shadows
D. T. Kane   Bladesorrow
J. Anthony Oaks   The Emerald Brotherhood
Skye Horn   Wings of Fate
Antonio Roberts   Vestige: Rise of the Pureblood
Brittni Chenelle   The Fae & The Fallen
Richard Switzer   Patch and Max: a grimdark
Richard Switzer   Charlie Chill and Raff the Ranger
RT Mulder   Architect: Book One of Calamity's Window
Joseph Daniel   Graveyard Gods
J.R. Ford   Storm's Breath
Billie Kowalewski   Enlightened
Allegra Pescatore   Where Shadows Lie
Jordan J. Scavone   Night Warrior
Opal Edgar   Tosho is Dead
Lori Holmes   The Forbidden
JL Rothstein   Atonement Heaven Sent Book One
Skyla Dawn Cameron   Solomon's Seal
Bekah Berge   The Whisperings in the Shadows
Tim Frankovich   Until All Curses Are Lifted
Staś Rolla   The Owl at The End of The World
TJ Muir   Stolen Luck
David Combs   Ascension: The Witches of Pioneer Vale Book 1
Stephanie Barr   The Curse of the Jenri
Anthea Sharp   Star Compass