Saturday 7 May 2016

Favourite covers from SPFBO 2016

I've noticed that the covers in the SPFBO this year have been of really high quality.

These are the 'best' 30 covers from the 300 books submitted. Three chosen by each blogger from the thirty assigned to them. Scroll down to see all 30.

The bloggers have chosen their overall winners from this group of 30, but you can still have your say.

You can vote for as many (or few) as you like. Do take the trouble to scroll down and consider the whole selection first.

The final blogger vote gives us:

Gold (6 votes): The Dragon's Blade (#18)

Silver (5 votes): Touch of Iron (#3)

Bronze (5 votes): They Mostly Come Out At Night (#8)

Followed by:
Masque (#28)
Song of Blood & Stone (#4)
The Grey Bastards (#2)
Immortals (#7)
All the saints are dead (#21)
It takes a thief to catch a sunrise (#9)
Last Necromancer (#29)

Currently after 263 votes the public have:

Gold: , The Dragon's Blade (#18)
Silver: They Mostly Come Out At Night (#8), The Grey Bastards (#2)
Bronze: Touch of Iron (#3), Masque (#28)

Click image for more detail.

 Ria at Bibliotropic (1-3)

The team at Fantasy-Faction (4-6)

Sarah at Bookworm Blues (7-9)

The team at Pornokitsch (10-12)

The team at Fantasy Literature (13-15)

The Team at Bibliosanctum (16-18)

Lynn from Lynn's Books (19-21)

Mihir from Fantasy Book Critic (22-24)

The team at the Qwillery (25-27)

From the team at Elitist Book Review (28-30)


  1. All different so far...interesting

  2. Could we also rate which ones are good reads too?

  3. Ah, The Black God's War is a submission! Nice. My novel and the Black God's War were going back and forth as the #1 free epic fantasy title on Amazon a few years back. Looks like we'll be competing again. :)

  4. Oh, awesome! I can't wait to tell my cover artist & typographer :D :D Thank you!

  5. Is the art of The Grey Bastards a Raymond Swanland piece? Man I love his work.

  6. These are so great! I'm waiting to see the Qwillery's choices...

  7. Alexander Wallis12 May 2016 at 13:04

    The cover for 'The Six' oozes mystical potency! I love it.

  8. It's so hard to vote, they're all so brilliant.

  9. #1 Masque
    #2 The Heirs of Lydin
    #3 Bone Dry
    #4 Dragon's Blade
    #5 The Nalad Chronicles Vision

  10. The Alignment, hands down. I love that type of cover!