Sunday 1 July 2018

Cover Contest #SPFBO

Carrying on from the cover contest of 2017 & 2016 here is 2018's turn.

It's worth noting up front that Jenny Zemanek, who has had covers in the top three every year we have run this contest, is this year responsible for the separate winners of both the blogger and public votes! It's also interesting to note the zero overlap between the blogger and public top three.

Blogger Votes

Gold Medal:
 Those Brave Foolish Souls from the City of Swords (6 votes)

Silver Medal: 
The Fire Eye Refugee (5 votes)
artist: Dominik Mayer

Bronze Medal: 
Sworn to the Night (4 votes)
artist: James T Egan

3 We Ride the Storm
3 Songs of Insurrection
2 The First Fear
2 Over Raging Tides
2 Balam, Spring
2 Revenant Winds
2 A Dance of Silver and Shadow
2 The Blood-stained Heir
1 Song
1 Fallen Empire
1 The Vale
1 The Tainted Crown
1 Dragon Sphere
1 Orconomix
1 Death March

Each blog privately let me know their 4 favourites from the finalists. The ordering of their votes was used to resolve ties.

Public vote results
A very close business with just ten votes separating the top 6 

Gold Medal:
Over Raging Tides

Silver Medal:
We Ride the Storm
artist: John Anthony Di Giovanni designer: Shawn T King

Bronze Medal:
Oath Breaker
artist: Alex Raspad typography: Christian Bentulan

The finalists, 3 chosen by each blog from the 30 books allocated to them.

A Dance of Silver and Shadow: A Retelling of The Twelve Dancing Princesses (Beyond the Four Kingdoms Book 1) by [Cellier, Melanie]The Snowtiger's Trail (The Windhaven Chronicles) by [Davis, Watson]Dragonsphere (The Fallen King Chronicles Book 1) by [Fierce, Richard]

2. Fantasy-Faction
The Rise of the Fallen (The Rotting Empire Book 1) by [Fugazzotto, Peter]Carnifex (Legends of the Nameless Dwarf Book 1) by [Prior, D.P.]Blood-Stained Heir (Ascent Archives Book 1) by [Norman, T.]

3. Fantasy Book Critic

4. Lynn's Book
The Great Hearts: A swords & sorcery fantasy epic by [Oliver, David]Banebringer (The Heretic Gods Book 1) by [Park, Carol A.]Those Brave, Foolish Souls from the City of Swords: A standalone Yarnsworld novel by [Patrick, Benedict]

6. The Alliterates
Fallen Empire (Ironstone Saga Book 1) by [McArdle, Keith]Whiskey and Dragon Fire: A Dragon Shifter Paranormal Romance by [Peake, Marilyn]Darkmage (The Rhenwars Saga Book 1) by [Spencer, M.L.]

Image may contain: one or more people and textImage may contain: textImage may contain: mountain, text and nature

Revenant Winds (The Tainted Cabal Book 1) by [Hogan, Mitchell]Moroda (World of Linaria) by [McNeil, L. L.]The Vale: Behind The Vale by [Anderson, Brian D.]

We Ride the Storm (The Reborn Empire Book 1) by [Madson, Devin]The Tainted Crown: The First Book of Caledan (Books of Caledan 1) by [Cowley, Meg]


  1. Voted. I chose a number of covers. There are a lot of gorgeous covers this year! I'm delighted that the cover of one of my books is among this fantastic collection.

  2. First Fear-overall look inspires fear and is fitting for this title

  3. !. The First Fear 2. Death March 3 Fallen Empire 4. Reverent Winds in this order for their art on the covers

  4. Is there any way to know who the artists were who designed these covers? Some of them are so good, I am contemplating having new artwork done for my book.