Tuesday 26 April 2022

The Girl And The Moon has risen!

The Girl And The Moon has risen in the west - in America to be precise ... and Canada.

Two more days before its light bathes us in the UK (28th April).

If you've been waiting to read them all in one go ... stop waiting.

Here are some handy links for the lazy - but do try to get along to a bookshop!

Amazon UK
Amazon US
Super cheap signed UK copy from Forbidden Planet (£12.99 + p&p)
Signed and numbered UK edition + art print from Anderida Books
Signed US copy from VJ Books

If you've been reading along as we go - very many thanks. There's a catch-up at the start of the book to refresh your memory of the story so far.

Here's how the Books of the Ice and Ancestor overlap!

This is - and it amazes me to say it - my 15th published book!

You can totally enjoy The Girl And The Moon having only read the two other books in the trilogy. Enthusiastic 5* reviews on Goodreads show this to be true.
There are, however, subtle and not so subtle call outs to all of my other books. So, if you're a Lawrenceologist, go to it!

What's next?

Hopefully you'll be pleased to know that I have a book deal with my usual publishers (Voyager and Ace) for another trilogy, to be published in 2023,2024, and 2025!

This will be something completely new, and since I'm about a third of the way through the last book, I expect to have all three written before the first one goes on sale (as I usually do).

My publishers, beta reader, and test readers are all really excited about this one!

The first entry is called The Book That Wouldn't Burn, and the setting is a vast, ancient library.

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Tuesday 19 April 2022

New Moons!

 I spent quite a while in a back office at Forbidden Planet today. The mounds of books that greeted me were both heartening and daunting!

But kept company by the fearless Jay who supplied coffee and book-lugging services, I prevailed. I signed every last one of them.

This wasn't even all of them!

   here's more!!

plus - I signed examples of all my other books - ALL!

You can, while stocks last, get a signed copy of The Girl And The Moon from Forbidden Planet for a jaw-droppingly cheap £12.99

These books will by shipped out to all the UK stores, plus you can order online:

It was great of Forbidden Planet to support me by ordering so much stock - so please support them by buying it!

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Saturday 9 April 2022

The Moon has landed ... kinda.

 I have my author copies of The Girl And The Moon. Bathe in their reflected glory!

In the US you can get signed copies from VJ Books.

In the UK Anderida Books will list a signed and numbered special edition on their site around the 19th of April.

In the UK you can get signed copies from Forbidden Planet.

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