Thursday 31 March 2016

SPFBO 2016

The Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off #SPFBO was, in my estimation, a great success. We took in 273 self-published fantasy manuscripts and 10 top bloggers gave out around 100 reviews, in the process picking ten finalists and an eventual winner.

You can read all about it here.

The first round of the 2016 competition is complete and you can see how the ten finalists fare here.

Now closed to new entries.
We have 300 entries in!
SPFBO 2016 is on. Scroll down for contestant list and updates.

The rules are:

i) No book that was entered in SPFBO1 can be entered into SPFBO2
ii) The book must be #1 in a series or a stand-alone.
iii) The book must actually be self-published, not something you're considering self-publishing in future.
iv) It must be a fantasy book.

The Bloggers for this year's contest will be
Bookworm Blues / Sarah Chorn
Bibliotropic / Ria Bridges
Fantasy Book Critic / Mihir & crew
Elitist Book Review / Steve Diamond & crew
Pornokitsch / Jared & crew
Lynn's Books / Lynn
The BiblioSanctum / Tiara, Mogsy & Wendy
The Qwillery / Sally Janin & crew
Fantasy Literature / Kat Hooper et al
Fantasy-Faction / Marc Apin & chums

Each of them will:

a) Put on a pseudo-literary agent hat and accept a randomly allocated slush pile of 25+ electronic fantasy book manuscripts and work through them to find their favourite single submission which they will then "publish" into the final round of the competition.

b) Review at least the book they put through into the final.

c) Read through the final list (9 books plus the one they put through) and score those books out of 10 to generate a cumulative score for each of them which will be used to determine the over all winner.

d) Review the over all winner.

(in practice they tend to do many more reviews than the minimum stated here)

There's no other prize. The winner will get the publicity of being the winner, plus the bonus of being reviewed on the blogs of 10 highly respected fantasy bloggers.

Frankly you can't buy better publicity than that.

The winning book will have been selected as the best from a field of 300 self-published works.

The first stage will take not more than 6 months - but if everyone makes their selection earlier we can move on.

The second stage will take not more than 6 months.

All you have to do email me the electronic manuscript ready for kindle/PC reading or (if one exists) the link to the FREE version on Amazon. You're welcome to include a cover letter, blurb. synopsis etc as you would for an agent - but it's not compulsory. These guys are bloggers, they're used to making up their mind by starting to read and seeing if they feel any compulsion to continue.

Email me at with the SUBJECT: Book Contest

I will be maintaining a list here of #SPFBO links to posts by the bloggers and also relevant blog posts about the contest. You may find other interesting links by Googling in SPFBO or searching for the hash tag on twitter.

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The Qwillery choose their finalist!
Fantasy Book Critic look at three more of their semi-finalists.
Fantasy Book Critic selects their finalist!

I've started a 'best cover' contest for the SPFBO covers.

Here's a Wordle made from the first 250 titles!
Mode titles would include:

Shadow Magic of the Blood King
Demon Witch Queen
The Magic Dragon's Revenge
Wolf Curse of the Emerald Prince

How have the first 276 entrants chosen to present themselves gender-wise?
From inspection I would say that the majority (but by no means all) of the authors using initials are female.

(if anyone wants to make a graphic / logo / banner, pitch in!)

Here's one from Brent Nichols - any more?

& from Colleen Sheehan

& 2 from Matt Howerter

from Barb Morrow

& from James Cormier

A note to authors:

First let me say thank you to all the authors who sent their work in. You were so numerous I wasn't able to respond individually but at the end of this post is a list of all the entries I received, which blogger they went to.

Almost everyone who sent in thanked me for taking the time to do this - of course I've spent only a modest amount of time on the project and it is the bloggers who are going to put in the real hours.

Almost everyone who sent in thanked me for the opportunity. And it is a great opportunity - but let's take a moment to keep expectations real here. We have 300 entries. Each blogger is going to select the book they feel is best from the 30 entries sent to them. That means that 97% of you will fail at the first hurdle. That's just the unforgiving mathematics of the thing.

You may have written a great book, but there may be one in that 30 that the blogger likes better.

Here are my views on 'failure'.

Entries (with assigned blogger)
(10 of 300 still in the running!)

#1 Bookworm Blues / Sarah Chorn
1.     Rob J Hayes - It takes a thief to catch a sunrise.
2.     Steve Turnbull - Elona: Patterner's Path
3.     T.L Greylock - The Blood-Tainted Winter
4.     Amalia Dillin - Honor Among Orcs
5.     DeAnna Knippling - Alice's Adventures in Underland: The Queen of Stilled Hearts
6.     Richard Bamberg - Wanderers
7.     L.E. Harrison - Blackbird
8.     Jason Dias - For The Love Of Their Children
9.     Andrew Knighton - Ocean Gods, Roman Blades
10.   Josh Brannan - The Last Kinmark
11.   Leeland Artra - Impossible Paradise
12.   Will Macmillan jones - The SatNav of Doom
13.   Travis Peck - Ravinor
14.   Sarah Wynde - A Lonely Magic
15.   Brian O'Sullivan - Fionn: Defence of Rath Bladhma
16.   Pauline M Ross - The Mages of Bennamore
17.   Jeremiah Kleckner - Captain James Hook and the Curse of Peter Pan
18.   T.A Miles - Six Celestial Swords
19.   Benedict Patrick - They mostly come out at night
20.   T. Eric Bakutis- Glyphbinder
21.   Marla J. Bell - Before the Full Moon Rises
22.   Robert Mulin - Blood Song
23.   Jordan Rivet - Duel of Fire
24.   Guy Estes - Triad
25.   Kris Jerome - Wrath of the Fallen
26.   Benny Hinrichs - A New Plague
27.   Alexander Wallis - The Way Knight
28.   Karen Simpson Nikakis - The Emerald Serpent
29.   Kendrick Von Schiller - Sparks and Shadows
30.   Cheryl S. Mackey - Shadows and Starstone

#2 Bibliotropic / Ria Bridges
31.   Leeland Artra - Thread Slivers
32   Andrew Lynch - Demi Heroes 
33.   James Aaron - Emerald Emergent
34.   Deena Byrne - Raindropt
35.   Nadja Losbohm - The Huntress
36.   Richard Bamberg - The Hunters: Monster Hunting 101
37.   Patty Jansen - Innocence Lost
38.   Will Macmillan Jones - Snort and Wobbles
39.   Jess Owen - Song of the Summer King
40.   J.T. Williams - Half-Bloods Rising
41.   Edward J. Rathke - Girl with ears & Demon with limp
42.   JC Kang - The Dragon Scale Lute
43.   Jonathan French - The Grey Bastards
44.   Eli Freysson - The Call
45.   Kyra Halland - Beneath the Canyons
46.   Matt Howerter & John Reinke - The Gathering, Dark Fate
47.   Raymond Bolton - Awakening
48.   David J Normoyle - The Narrowing Path
49.   Brian W. Foster - The Rise of Mages
50.   Timandra Whitecastle  - Touch of Iron
51.   Sara C. Roethle - Bitter Ashes
52.   Harvey Click - Demon Frenzy
53.   Aimee Easterling - Half Wolf
54.   Nicholas Andrews - The Adventure Tournament
55.   Joseph Sutton - Quiet in the Realm
56.   Brent Nichols - Bone Magic
57.   Jim Johnson - Ranger of Mayat
58.   Domino Finn - Dead Man
59.   Aaron Hodges - Stormwielder
60.   T. Sae-Low - Genesis

#3 Fantasy Book Critic / Mihir & crew
61.   V.M Jaskiernia - Larkspur; a necromancer's romance
62.   Scott J. Robinson - The Age of Heroes
63.   Thomas K. Carpenter - Revolutionary Magic
64.   Kristal Shaff - Powers of the Six
65.   K.A Fenwolfe - Tiz Phoenix and the Witch's Tree
66.   L.S Johnson - Vacui Magia
67.   R.J. Blain - Storm Without End
68.   R.D Henderson - Hondus Pointe
69.   Rachel E. Rice - Insaitable
70.   Loren Bukovka - Nicky and the fairy named Anika
71.   Phill Berrie - Transgressions
72.   Michael-Scott Earle - The Destroyer
73.   Jeff Russell - The Dungeoneers
74.   Fiona Skye - Taming Shadows
75.   Cameron W. Kobes - Tales of Cynings
76.   Jeff Davis - Scalebane
77.   P.F Davids - Lesser Evil
78.   Jack Conner - War of the Black Tower
79.   Becca Mills - Nolander
80.   Rosemary Fryth - Arantur
81.   Katrina Archer - The Tree of Souls
82.   Katlynn Brooke - The Six and the Crystals of Ialana
83.   Eustacia Tan - The Nutcracker King
84.   Teddy Jacobs - Sword Bearer
85.   Marilyn Peake - The Fisherman's Son
86.   S.K.S Perry - The Moonlight War
87.   Emily Martha Sorensen - Fairy Eyeglasses
88.   Katie Salidas - Dissension
89.   Travis Bughi - Beyond the Plains
90.   Allan Batchelder - Steel, Blood, and Fire

#4 Elitist Book Review / Steve Diamond & crew
91.   Jenelle Schmidt - King's Warrior
92.   C.J Archer - The Last Necromancer
93.   Karen Gray - For King and Country
94.   Marc Johnson - Catalyst
95.   Suzanne Rogerson - Visions of Zarua
96.   Susan Alison - The Lost World
97.   Lucas Thorn - Revenge of the Elf
98.   David Parkland - Demon Bound
99.   Jonathan Moeller - Thief Trap
100.  Matt Heppe - Eternal Knight
101.  Elizabeth White - Dragon Bearer's Son
102.  Jake Kerr - The Guildmaster Thief
103.  P.T Wyant - Song and Sword
104.  Tina Gower - Romancing the Null
105.  Charles Serabian - Deep in the Arnaks
106.  Mike Reeves-McMillan - Auckland Allies
107.  C.A Sanders - The Watchmage of Old New York
108.  C.B Pratt - Hero for Hire
109.  Richard B Knight - The Darkness of the Womb
110.  D.R Perry - Barely Awake
111.  Marco Ander - Rebel
112.  Guy Antibes - Quest of the Wizardess
113.  W.R Gingell - Masque
114.  Benjamin A. Sorensen - Prophecy
115.  Brigid Collins - Singer
116.  James Berardinelli - The Last Whisper of the Gods
117.  Reginald Dean - The Story
118.  Sharon Joss - Destiny Blues
119.  Catherine Winters - Black
120.  K.A Krantz - Larcout

#5 Pornokitsch / Jared & crew
121.  Helen Bell - Shadowless
122.  M.H. Lee - Erelia: Innocence
123.  Alessandra Clarke - Rider's Revenge
124.  Timothy L. Cerepaka - Gathering of the Chosen
125.  Christopher Pepper - The Outrider Legion
126.  A.A. Bavar - Az: Revenge of an Archangel
127.  David J. Lovato - The Ones Who Follow The Water
128.  Assaph Mehr - Murder in Absentia
129.  Annie Bellet - A Heart in Sun and Shadow
130.  Lesley Donaldson - The Queen's Viper
131.  Philip Tucker - The Path of Flames
132.  E. Madison Cawein - The Flamebearer
133.  Michael Logan - Wannabes
134.  Kate Haye - The Last Gatekeeper
135.  Amanda Greenslade - Talon
136.  Richard Crawford - Traitor Blade
137.  B.T. Narro - Kin of Kings
138.  Sarah Dalton - White Hart
139.  Renee Carter Hall - Huntress
140.  Evelyne Contant - Enchantment: The Moonstone
141.  Elizabeth Best - The Naiad Chronicles
142.  K.M. Carroll - Malevolent
143.  Gordon Atkins - When Destinies Collide
144.  T.W. Piperbrook & Bobby Adair - The Last Survivors
145.  Toni Kerr - Descendant
146.  Josiah Bancroft - Senlin Ascends
147.  John D. Brown - Servant
148.  Craig M. Skiera - Crimson & Cream
149.  Rafael Soares - Enclave - Creation
150.  Eric Tanafon - Robin Hood: Wolf's Head

#6 Lynn's Books / Lynn
151.  A.E. Marling - Magic Banquet
152.  Jen Greyson - Lightning Rider
153.  R.A. Meenan - Stolen Guardian
154.  Bobbi Schemerhorn - Mechanical Dragons: Fire & Water
155.  Greg Little - Unwilling Souls
156.  F.T. McKinstry - Outpost
157.  Moses Siregar III - The Ninth Wind
158.  Michael DeAngelo - The Fall
159.  Gwynn White - Rebel's Honor
160.  Kristy Tate - Beyond the Fortuneteller's Tent
161.  Wilson Geiger - Ash & Flame
162.  Xina Marie Uhl & Janet Loftis - The Ruling Elite and Other Stories
163.  John March - Vergence
164.  Ros Jackson - Melody of Demons
165.  Jaclyn Dolamore - The Vengeful Half
166.  Douglas Milewski - All the Saints are Dead
167.  Joseph J. Bailey - Soul Stealer
168.  Terra Lorin - Avadonya: Rescuing Pavra
169.  Aidan J. Reid - Pathfinders
170.  Jennifer Ealey - Bronze Magic
171.  Jon Kiln - Assassin's Quest
172.  Will Collins - A Darker Shade of Sorcery
173.  Peter Ravlich - The Fallen Shepherd Saga
174.  Kat Parrish - Bride of the Midnight King
175.  A.G Stewart - Loose Changeling
176.  Robin Lythgoe - As the Crow Flies
177.  Erica Converso - Into the Sky
178.  Ashley Capes - The Amber Isle
179.  Christina Maharaj - The Tarot Cards
180.  Trip Ellington - Evermage

#7 The BiblioSanctum / Tiara, Mogsy & Wendy
181.  Richard Hardeman - Dragon's Luck
182.  Trip Ellington - Gauntlet of Time
183.  Leonard D. Hilley II - Shawndirea
184.  N.P. Martin - Hell is Coming
185.  J.A. Cipriano - Cursed
186.  Corey Soreff - Crimson Blade
187.  Laura L. Comfort - Journey to Kokoroe
188.  Kay Camden - The Alignment
189.  Lorna Reid - Rise of the Reaper
190.  O. Rising - Transition
191.  Chris Northern - Prison of Power
192.  H. Gibson - Leilaka
193.  Kasper Beaumont - Elven Jewel
194.  Alice Degan - The Tenants of 7C
195.  Susan Kelly - Endgame
196.  Christina Ochs - Rise of the Storm
197.  Brian O'Sullivan - Liath Luachra: The Grey One
198.  M.C.A Hogarth - Heir
199.  Tricia Owens - Descended from Dragons
200.  Edward Hendrik - The Siren's Mask
201.  David Higgins - Seven Stones
202.  P.G. Allison - Missy the Werecat
203.  Hans Cummings - Malediction
204.  Claire Frank - Assassin's Charge
205.  Michael R. Miller - The Reborn King
206.  Austin Hackney - Beyond the Starline
207.  Jedediah Kurth - Frontier World
208.  Delfy Hall - The Warlock and the Wolf
209.  Matthew Swiontek - A Symphony of Blood
210.  Jeffrey Cook & Katherine Perkins - Foul is Fair

#8 The Qwillery / Sally Janin & crew
211.  C.L. Murray - A Facet for the Gem
212.  Birgitte Rasine - The Jaguar and the Cacao Tree
213.  Jaq D. Hawkins - Dance of the Goblins
214.  R. Mountebank - The Berserk Beast
215.  Morgan Smith - A Spell in the Country
216.  Holly Bargo - The Diamond Gate
217.  Stan Morris - The Colors of Passion and Love
218.  J.T. Williams - The Winemaker of the North
219.  Nancy Chase - The Seventh Magpie
220.  Alan Ratcliffe - Dawn of the Dreamsmith
221.  Olivier Delaye - The Forgotten Goddess
222.  Oganalp Canatan - Shadows Bear No Names
223.  Brendan Detzner - The Orphan Fleet
224.  Don Sakers - Curse of the Zwilling
225.  K.A. Stewart - The Music Box Girl
226.  H.D. Lynn - Yesterday's Prince
227.  John Blackport - Raingun
228.  K. Caffee - Out of the Darkness
229.  Michael J. Sanford - The Mighty
230.  R.L. Giddings - Urban Witch
231.  Zoltan Posfai - The Witchhunter: Red Shadow
232.  Missy Sheldrake - Call of Kythshire
233.  Joel Minty - Purge of Ashes
234.  Jean Kaczmarek - Araknea
235.  B.B. Wynter - The Lament of Sky
236.  Aneeka Richins - The Wanted Child
237.  Nat Kozinn - Chosen Different
238.  Teagan Kearney - Tatya's Return
239.  Hannah Davenport - I Can Hear You
240.  M.J. Porter - Haedfeld

#9 Fantasy Literature / Kat Hooper et al
241.  Wendi L. Wilson - Shadowed Strength
242.  E.P. Clark - The Midnight Land: The Flight
243.  Aidan Hennessy - The Heirs of Lydin
244.  Joe Jackson - Salvation's Dawn
245.  Marina Finlayson - Twiceborn
246.  K.A. Lentz - The Reaper Realm: Threads of Compassion
247.  Michael Peck - The Journeyman
248.  A.J. Norfield - Windcatcher
249.  Cady Vance - Bone Dry
250.  Kaitlyn Davis - The Shadow Soul
251.  Rick Haynes - Evil Never Dies
252.  E.A. Turley - The Ballerina Bear's Bride
253.  Tony Leslie Duxbury - The Adventures of Jojo Smith
254.  Peter Fugazzotto - Five Bloody Heads
255.  Anders Blixt - Dust & the Road
256.  Emily Martha Sorensen - The Keeper and the Rulership
257.  Angela Holder - The Fuller's Apprentice
258.  Leslie Claire Walker - Night Awakens
259.  Kristen S. Walker - A Flight of Marewings
260.  Denae Christine - Royal Deception
261.  Garfield Whyte - TJ's Last Summer in Cape Cod
262.  Kristi Gillespie - Gultar, the Gentle Giant
263.  Scott Robert Scheller - Haunted Tree
264.  Anela Deen - A Ransom of Flames
265.  Stan Sudan - Sisters of Light
266.  Alex Fedyr - Estranged
267.  Daniel Coleman - Jabberwocky
268.  T.J Green - Tom's Inheritance
269.  P.R. Garcia - Europa, Awakenings
270.  Iain Hope - Dark Horde Rising

#10 Fantasy-Faction / Marc Apin & chums
271.  Melanie Cellier - The Princess Companion
272.  Rob Donovan - The Cadaver Knight
273.  David Neth - The Full Moon
274.  Blair MacGregor - Sword and Chant
275.  L. Penelope - Song of Blood and Stone
276.  R.J. Blain - Pack Justice
277.  Michael Laird - The Forged Prince
278.  Nathalie M.L Romer - The Wolf Riders of Keldarra
279.  A.R. Cook - The Secrets of the Moonstone Heir
280.  Daniel Potter - Off Leash
281.  Troy Osgood - The Skeleton Stone
282.  Ruth Nestvold - Yseult
283.  S.A Randel - Hunter's Moon Rising
284.  Aderyn Wood - The Raven
285.  Brian K. Lowe - Once a Knight
286.  Amy Rose Davis - Ravenmarked
287.  Salvador Mercer - Ranger Rising
288.  Kai Herbertz - Age of Torridan
289.  Benita J. Prins - Seascape
290.  Ryan Howse - Terminus
291.  Brandon Draga - The Summerlark Elf
292.  Allen Houston - Nightfall Gardens
293.  James Hockley - Fear's Union
294.  Tyler Sehn - Daughter of Shadow
295.  Moses Siregar III - The Black God's War
296. Yordan Zhelyazkov - When they shine brightest
297.  J.R. Armstrong - God of Chains
298.  Dyrk Ashton - Paternus
299.  Michael Sanford - The Girl with the Red Hair
300.  Brandon Berntson - My Enemy


Brian D. Anderson - Dragonvein

The first round of the 2016 competition is complete and you can see how the ten finalists fare here.