Monday 12 February 2024

Two more short stories from The Library Trilogy!

Returns is a collection of two short stories. 

The first is called Returns (8,000 words). It looks at the journey of a single book outside the library and the journey of two librarians (Yute is one of them) sent to recover it. It's a story about varying ways different people interact with the book. When people say, "Did we read the same book?" there's a truth behind that question and I examine it here.

The second story is About Pain (6,000 words). Here the tale concerns the interactions of just two people (Clovis is one of them) with a particular book, and how what they take from the novel changes over the course of their lives. When we consume a book we may find between those covers a very different story from the next person, but more than that, when we come back to it ten years later, twenty years, thirty ... we find that the more powerful a book is, the more its contents will have changed.

Here's the cover art from the great Tom Brown.

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Wednesday 3 January 2024

The Book That Broke The World - the cover art!

Unexpectedly (and, for the 2nd year in a row) the cover art for my latest book accidentally appeared on Amazon, prompting me into a hasty social media reveal using draft art, and nixing my plans for a more elaborate blogger + jigsaw puzzle reveal.

Lesson learned. Next year I do what I want with the art as soon as I get it!

Anyway - let's put that behind us and focus on the magnificence of Tom Roberts' work.

Here's a small portion near the last "t" of "That" blown up!

Have a search and see if you can spot a certain doggy from book 1.

Anyway - you'll have to wait until early April for the contents. Pre-order, why don't you?



And of course, the short story "Overdue" is there if you want more Library RIGHT NOW!

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