Thursday, 9 May 2019

Misquote contest!

Randomly selected winners are:

#23 - book
#15 - audio
#10 - audio
#5 - audio

This blog has been rather quiet for a while. I have neglected it...


So, the prizes are 1 signed hardback of One Word Kill and 3 copies of the audio book (on MP4 or regular CD).

And the contest is simple. Take any quote from any of my books. HERE are some to help you out (if you want ones from a specific book then type the book title and my name into the search bar).

To that quote do ONE of the following:

Add one letter.
Subtract one letter.
Change one letter.

That can be your entry and it earns you 1 chance at a prize. If it is funny it earns you 2 chances. If it is accompanied by a photo or image that illustrates it that can earn you between 3 and 6 chances. The prizes are randomly awarded but having 6 chances rather than 1 makes it 6 times more likely you will win.

Here is an example entry:

Quote: "The biggest lies we save for ourselves." - Prince of Thorns.

My version (added a letter): "The biggest limes we save for ourselves."

With an image:

I would award myself 3 chances for that.

Send your misquote entries to me at 

Entries will be listed here as they come in. I will provide plenty of warning before the contest closes. It's international. One entry per person.


#33 Andrew

Like much in life, a word fight, especially a long word fight, is about choosing your moment.

#32 Rob

#31 Lynda

#30 Thomas

Makin once told me that a man who's got no rear is missing a friend.

#29 Yariv

#28 Tatu

#27  Peter

#26 Sylvie

It’s the silence that scares me.

It’s the blank page on which I can write my own bears.

#25 Hannah

Knowledge is a Pug of a certain size, and the world is larger. It’s not what remains uncovered at the edges that should worry you, rather what is swept beneath.

#24 Aurel

#23 Sethia

There is no sound more annoying then the clatter of a chlili, and none more sad then the silence they leave when they are gone.

Hold to a thing long enough, a secret, a desire, maybe a lie, and it will shade you.

#22 John Z

#21 John G

#20 Thomas

#19 Malin

Few things worth shaving can be got easily...

#18 Jason

#17 Jeremy

#16 Tracey

Hold to a ThOng long enough, a secret, a desire, maybe a lie, and it will shape you.

#15 Dawn

And what makes us human is that sometimes we nap. And in that moment of release we’re closer to gods than we know.

#14 T.O

#13 Mathew

#12 Niko

#11 Brad

A strange thing — snails will hold a building together, but there's nothing better for taking a man apart.

#10 Dan

#9 Jon

#8 Kurt

No man should to to Valhalla with brothel cash.

#7 Mia

#6 Paul

Twuth is a weapon and lies are a necessary shield.

#5 Lyn

No child ever believes they will be hinged.

#4 Alexander

Hats will keep you alive where love fails.

#3 Liav

Miana knew what Red Kent knew, Red Kent who cut down a patrol of seventeen men-at-arms on a hot August morning. Killing takes spice.

#2 Gregory

Trust is the most insidious of poissons. Trust sidesteps all of your precautions.

#1 Hannah

We diet a little every day and by degrees we’re reborn into different men, older men in the same clothes, with the same scars.

Wednesday, 8 May 2019

A thought on writing...

This is a question I was asked today on the Goodreads "ask the author" feature:

Shaun asked Mark Lawrence:

The way you write about maountains and climbing ring very true to me. As an alpinist and rock climber, I think it had to come from real experience. I have used several quotes from your books on the subject. I would just like to know if it is something you have personal experience with, because you cover the essence of it very well. Does it come from first hand experience? 

Mark Lawrence This is a question I've been asked quite a few times. Today I got a message from someone who said I had captured the essence of being given a cancer diagnosis as a teen - something that had happened to them. There are other examples I could give.

And in this case as with the others it's just imagination at work. I find that if I use my imagination to connect emotionally with a character in a particular circumstance, then the rest largely takes care of itself (barring some serious technical error). The art of writing is to strike chords in the reader - to wake up what is already there and let them do the heavy lifting. The page isn't big enough for anything else. I can't describe everything in minute detail, I just have to remind the reader that they know these things already. Thus the images that form in the mind of the reader are largely their own. If they have strong personal experience of the situation, be it chemotherapy or hanging above a long fall (both of which are actually quite similar if you pare them down to the bone) then those images will be filled with all sorts of detail and authenticity that actually comes from reader.

The books in question are King of Thorns (for the climbing) & One Word Kill (for the cancer … no wait! It's a FUN book. Read it!).

Wednesday, 24 April 2019

One Word Kill special edition, signed and numbered.

The One Word Kill signed and numbered special edition hardback is available for pre-order from Anderida Books.

Any of you who've looked for a Red Sister hardback recently will know this has the potential to be a sound investment and not just a lovely object!
Hurry, before they go.

And as well as being a lovely object and limited edition, there is always the chance it will appreciate.

Consider the Red Sister hardcover that went on sale 2 years ago at £11.99...

Friday, 19 April 2019

Holy animation, that man!

Author Ben Galley (who took 2nd place in SPFBO 2015) has shown himself to be a master of the animated cover!

Thanks, Ben. You guys should check out some of the work he's done on his own covers.

Sunday, 14 April 2019

As Game of Thrones reaches its final season!

I don't have HBO so I'll have to wait for the DVD but I'm excited to see how the TV writers tie up the never ending sprawl of threads that book 5 was busy spewing out.

I love the books but I don't see how GRRM will steer this to a conclusion when so late in the day he is still throwing out new characters and new threads.

Anyway this seemed like a good juncture to bring out my toon review of A Feast For Crows, a book I really enjoyed (on my second attempt).

From a place of love:

(& in one panel)

Thursday, 11 April 2019

One Word Kill and Holy Sister are out!

One Word Kill is out everywhere - only available on Amazon (free on the First Reads monthly deal!)

The audio book will be released on the 1st of May.

The hardback is out in the USA but for the UK it will be released on the 1st of May.

Limited Wish is up for pre-order and releases on the 28th of May!

Dispel Illusion will be up for pre-order soon and releases around October/November.

The big push from Amazon was enormously successful and sent One Word Kill to #1 in the entire UK kindle store and #3 in the US kindle store!

Holy Sister is also now out in all markets. The UK audiobook was delayed in order to retain the same narrator and will be out toward the end of April.

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