Friday 27 July 2018

Sales figures, Goodreads figures, FIGURES GALORE!

While waiting 'patiently' for Prince of Fools to click over 20,000 Goodreads ratings I took the time to chart where all of my books stand in terms of Goodreads ratings. Red Sister is punching above its weight and looks to be ready to overtake Prince of Fools despite being three years younger!

I also made a very rare dip into the PenguinRandomHouse author portal for some actual sales figures. This is how many books I sold in America over the last 7 days.
So for a typical week, quite distant from any book releases or promotions, that is 2031 sales in the US. If that were maintained for the year it would be 106,000 sales. In reality the sales for my most recent books will be significantly higher near the release of the latest book, and continue to slacken off as the year wears on, whereas the sales for the oldest books will stay fairly constant, though rising if there are price promotions.

But take the 106,000 US sales (including Canada) add another 106,000 for my near identical UK sales (including Australia and New Zealand), and that 212,000 a year is a decent ballpark figure for my annual sales in English. If you took that over the 7 years since Prince of Thorns was published you would get ~1.5 million sales, which again is a decent ballpark figure for my total sales in English.

...and after all that, Prince of Fools is still stubbornly clinging to 19,986 ratings...


  1. Thanks for sharing, Mark. Always helpful to know the inner workings.

  2. I hope you get at least 1 pound per book, or at very least one dollar...