Friday, 2 June 2017

Cover Contest #SPFBO

Carrying on from last year's SPFBO cover contest here is 2017's turn.

I've asked each of the blogs to nominate their favourite three covers from the thirty in their batch and here they are!

I see dragons are still a fantasy staple with 20% of the covers sporting one, and some fine examples they are.

There's a public vote! Choose as many covers as you like.

The bloggers will also vote, sending me their overall 4 favourites to get 1 vote each (the ordering will be used to sort out a tie). The cover that gets the most votes wins.

Blogger vote (7 of 10 in so far)

7: Where Waters Turn Black
4: Heart of Stone
4: Soldiers' Redemption
3: Valley of Embers
2: Dead Letter
2: Trail of the Necromancer
2: Corruption
2: All The Things You Have To Burn
1: Cage of Deceit
1: Night of the Chalk


  1. Wow! Thanks for hosting this Mark and thanks Pornokitsch for selecting Dead Letter in your shortlist of finalists. I'm humbled and would like to give credit to Amit Dutta for the commissioned illustration. He is an amazing artist. Also a massive thank you to Lance Buckley of Envelup Design for the layout and typography. Congrats to all the other authors selected and their respective cover artists and designers. All of these covers are brilliant. We authors are so lucky to have such amazing art to wrap our words in. Thank you!

  2. Honestly, all these covers are great. I did have a favorite and voted for it, but more importantly than the vote, I am now heading over to Amazon to buy more than a couple of these. So, yeah, covers are important.

  3. Wow, look at those covers! I'm really honored to have Spark up there among such amazing works. Thank you, Lynn, for selecting Spark in your short list and Mark for hosting SPFBO.