Wednesday 22 January 2014

My Stabby has arrived!

So - the Stabbies (great name, the genius who came up with that deserves some kind of award!) are the reddit fantasy awards. And for 2013 the results were THUSLY given.

And today my Stabby for best novel 2013 (Emperor of Thorns) arrived after stealth-mode postie managed to slip us the 'we visited but you were out' ticket two days ago when the house had three awake adults in it all day.

A lovely bit of pointy steel it is too!

Here is the aforementioned Stabby laid over Jorg's sword on a large canvas print I happen to have:

And here it is a bit closer to, so you can feast your eyes upon the inscription ... at least as much of it as the flash allows.

Here the author ponders his new over-kill letter opener.

The trick to dealing with letters is to smile and smile ... put 'em at their ease...

And then totally stab the bastards open!

More recently - a Stabby T-shirt arrived chez Lawrence courtesy of the excellent elquesogrande who overlords at r/fantasy.

And for no reason - here's me in another T-shirt I was sent recently & a hat! They're trying to turn me Canadian, eh?


  1. Absolutely love it :)
    Congrats Mark!

  2. This blog post was an awesome birthday present, and it's only 5:48 a.m. This is going to be a great day.

  3. Hilarious as usual with this stuff.
    Congrats, Mark!! You deserve it!!
    And Jorg does too ;)