Friday, 31 March 2017

Red Sister, reader art!

Red Sister has its first reader art! These from Mayticks.

There's no sex in Red Sister, and no romance. There are, however, a lot of relationships, and a small number of those are gay. I'm very glad when readers find this well portrayed, and are pleased to see diversity/representation etc. But if you go into the book with your head filled with whatever images the phrase "lesbian nuns" conjures up for you ... you may be disappointed.

What I hope the book does is present a small number of gay characters in an understated and indirect manner that doesn't make a big deal of the fact.

Sister Apple - Mistress Shade by Mayticks

Sister Kettle by Mayticks

Sisters Cage and Thorn
by Francesca Tacchi

Clera and Ara at the sinkhole in the light of the focus moon. by Craig Houghton

Nona Grey by Craig Houghton

Sister Cage, by Mark Andersen

Sister Cage by Iryna Khymych

Sister Cage by Iryna Khymych

Yisht by Mikaela Brennan

Sister Thorn by Mayticks

Sister Thorn by Jessica Robson

Sister Thorn and Sister Cage by Mayticks

A scene by Alun D B Thomas. To avoid spoilers I won't say more.

Sister Kettle by Mayticks

Sister Apple by Mayticks

A favourite character by Anna Steinbauer

punishment at the convent can be ... harsh

Sisters Cage and Thorn

Sisters Kettle

roughs of Nona from the cover design process, kindly shared by artist Tomasz Jedruszek

Nona by Jason Deem

Nona by Tenille Evans

Inspired by Red Sister, by Francesca Resta

Hessa, by Aurélia Quéré

Nona by Joe Slucher

Nona by Jethplain

Nona by Lauren Newburg.

Nona by  Francesca Resta

Nona and Ara by Mayticks

More can be found here on ThatThornGuy

Some alternative covers:
From Petros of

A draft of the Voyager ARC cover

A mashup cover

Nendo Nona by Pen Astridge

& now an alternative Grey Sister cover by Petros Triantafylloy


  1. Will there be romance for Nona in future books?

  2. I've got some fanart! Is there a way I can send it in to you?

    1. many ways! easiest to send it to me at

  3. loved seeing these- wanting to do a few- loving the book !!!!

  4. who was the cover artist for the books its amazing!!!