Sunday, 11 December 2011

Turning the tables #1 - Staffer's Musings


  1. Cool interview! I was really interested in seeing your favorite books, Justin. I think that answer tells me more about a reviewer's tastes than any other question.

    I love this series, Mark. I can't to see the next vict-, guest.

  2. The problem with using reviews to "find bad books" is that opinions are blatantly, wildly subjective, and the minute you use another person's opinion to make your choices, you could be missing something you would love. I would rather try a book and not like it than miss out on a book that would have made my day if I hadn't let someone else scare me off of it.

    Although critics find bad reviews tremendously fun to write, I have honestly never found them all that useful to read, though the really scathing ones sometimes do have a use in that they call attention to controversial books and perversely boost their sales.

  3. Very cool to turn the tables. This reminded me of a well known review site whose reviewer once totally nailed it for me. But over the years our tastes must have developed very differently. Today he rather seems bored and bitter to me.

    Ever wondered what people who read book review sites think and how they judge them? :)

  4. Great interview. Although now I'll probably make sure I close the door when I write reviews. Justin has convinced me it might be awkward if someone catches me. :P

  5. I remember that there have been two blogger who did a kind of Q&A. I think it is a good idea to get more information about the people behind blogs.

    And as Teresa Frohock mentioned, the list of favorite books tells a lot about the person.

    I break into a sweat when I only think about this question.

  6. This idea for revenge was brilliant, Mark! Very well done, and really interesting. It's cool to have an insight into the minds of those we trust when buying our next reads!

    Looking forward to the next installment!