Friday 13 April 2012

Thank you

I've been sent the proofs for the US paperback of Prince of Thorns & the 'praise for' section (copied below) reminded me of some of the many people whose kind words have helped me and my book on our way. I thought I'd post that section here so I had something to point at for the people whose comments are included. I think it's great that so many bloggers' quotes are listed and that Ace recognises the growing importance of the online voice.

It could be considered an act of vanity to post these, but I didn't write or select them & they're going to be in thousands of paperbacks come August... so...

“Prince of Thorns is the best book I’ve read all year. Mark Lawrence’s wonderful prose is vivid without being flowery, succinct without being plain. He pulls you in and doesn’t let go. Lawrence’s Prince Jorg makes Elric look like a boy scout, but you may find yourself having sympathy as you get to know him. Blink, and you might even find yourself rooting for him to succeed. Lawrence just raised the bar for compelling fantasy.”

— Peter V. Brett, New York Times bestselling author of The Desert Spear

“This is a lean, cold knife- thrust of a novel, a revenge fantasy anchored on the compelling voice and savage purpose of its titular Prince. There is never a safe moment in Lawrence’s debut.”

— Robert V. S. Redick, author of The Night of the Swarm

“Dark and relentless, the Prince of Thorns will pull you under and drown you in story. A two-in-the-morning page-turner.”

— Robin Hobb, author of Blood of Dragons

“[A] morbidly gripping, gritty fantasy tale.”

— Publishers Weekly

“Vivid . . . smooth and compelling . . . gritty and full of wonder. This book is brilliant.”

— Postcards from the Emerald City

“Disturbing, beautiful, chaotic, poetic, haunting, exhilarating.”

— Fantasy Faction

“Without a doubt the most original and most memorable fantasy debut of 2011. It’s difficult to imagine how another book could top this one.”

— Risingshadow

“When you’re the new kid on the block and trying to get known, you have to make your reputation hard and fast. That’s exactly the route that Mark has done . . . definitely a series that will hit with a bang. Great stuff.”

— Falcata Times

“Defies the conventions of epic fantasy by invoking them only to take a savage delight in tearing them apart . . . Prince of Thorns deserves attention as the work of an iconoclast who seems determined to turn that familiar thing, Medieval- esque Fantasy Trilogy, entirely on its head. Against all odds, Mark Lawrence manages to pull this off in a book that can move the open- minded reader with its eloquence, horror, and beauty, even as it does its best to appall the bourgeoisie.”

— Locus

“Mark Lawrence has written a brutally good first novel, and you should read it . . . dark, moody, bloody, violent, sly, and beautifully written with a clean style that gets right down to the meat of the scene as it carves its way into your mind.”


“A fantastic debut novel. It, like its main character, Prince Jorg, is curt, cruel, and action packed.”

— Whatchamacallit Reviews

“2011 is turning into another year for impressive genre debuts, but at this point Prince of Thorns is arguably the most impressive and stunning . . . highly recommended.”


“With an epic, empire- shattering sprawl that brings George R. R. Martin to mind . . . Prince of Thorns is easily the most incredible epic fantasy I have ever read.”

— The Little Red Reviewer


  1. Boo. Didn't make the cut.

    But hey, MMPB. Cool! :)

  2. RT Reviews didn't make the cut either. That's okay maybe once I review King of Thorns that will change :)

  3. I know I don't carry a lot of clout just now, but should you ever want a quote from me, just ask. Any time in the future included. I *loved* Prince of Thorns. And I would be proud to sing it from the rooftops.

  4. When I picked up the new book and saw that my review did make the cut.. I put back the book quickly as if I'd thought the store would be upset that I'd gotten my scribble on one of their books. Never get used to that happening.

    Michael -