Monday 25 June 2012


Even though I'm not writing Jorg any more I still get, bubbling into my head, lines that he might say. I call these 'Jorg-isms' and I've started to collect them. Maybe they'd look good on a T-shirt :) Maybe those T-shirts will be bonus prizes in The-Stupidly-Huge-Giveaway-that-you-need-to-enter...


I find that if you don't let go of the stone you can kill as many birds as you like with it. #Jorgism

All of it is never enough. #Jorgism

If the meek get to inherit the whole fecking earth then we may as well kick them about a bit while we have the chance. #Jorgism

You're either part of the solution or small bloody chunks of the problem. #Jorgism

There's my way or the h... wait, no... there's just my way. #Jorgism

Two head-carts are better than one. #Jorgism 

A friend in need is a friend that bleeds. #Jorgism

Sticks and stones can break bones, but words can cut. Suitably pointed, even a lowly adjective can push someone over the edge. #Jorgism

Some see the glass half-full, some half-empty, I see a weapon - half-formed, cutting edges waiting to be freed. #Jorgism

1 comment:

  1. Maybe I'm the first one that run araound with such a T-shirt. Let's see ... The first is my favourite ... shortly bevor the last.


    PS: Maybe I really be me a T-sirt and write this on the front ... *thinking about it*