Tuesday 23 July 2013

Emperor of Thorns - the early reviews!

Emperor of Thorns 

 These are all the reviews I know of so far! (in chronological order)

"In a genre fit to bursting with toadstools on Tolkien's tomb Lawrence is a vibrant and original voice who blazes his own trail"    - Mark Timmony, Booktopia (SFF & Fantasy Buzz)

"Emperor of Thorns delivers a moving end to a trilogy that has been breathtakingly refreshing and compelling throughout."   - British Fantasy Society

"Few fantasy series in recent years have been as divisive as Mark Lawrence's The Broken Empire."   - Pat's Fantasy Hotlist

If I was <snip> to name the most important science fiction and fantasy series of the last decade <snip> Mark Lawrence’s Broken Empire Trilogy would be on the list.   - Staffer's Book Review

The thing I love best about this series, though, is that nothing is as it seems.   - Bibliosanctum

"an examination into the darkest and lightest parts of the human psyche" - Bookwormblues

"The ending of Emperor of Thorns, and of the whole Broken Empire trilogy, is beyond compare" - Hillary Hall

"As should be expected each book has improved on the last" - Parmenion Books

"the ending could well be the finest achievement of Mark Lawrence’s entire trilogy" - Fantasy-Faction

"However you want to put it, the last adventure of Jorg of Ancrath is his best outing yet." - Founding Fields

"A perfect ending to a brilliant trilogy and an unpredictable, ruthless and poetic literary masterwork of a great mind." - Fantasy Book Review

"I loved it and in fact would go so far as to say it is the perfect way to conclude the series." - Lynn's Book Blog

"an engrossing read, well paced, set in a world with remarkable depth" - Ally's Desk

"Now, for those of you who don't like these books because Jorg is a deplorable personality, you miss the point." - Adventures of a Military HouseWriter

"The entire series, and its latest installment, EMPEROR OF THORNS, deserves your attention. Be disgusted by it, be unsettled by it. But don’t ignore it." - Myke Cole

"Broken Empire was an amazing series, and I eagerly anticipate Lawrence’s next literary effort, whatever it may be." - Peter V Brett


  1. He should have a son and call him Gjorge! Due to Google Reader having been shut down and the alternatives rubbing me the wrong way I often miss blogposts by now, I also missed this one.

    So why I am here commenting? I was browsing Amazon looking for more Scifi/Fantasy food and the near release of Jorg III made me really, really happy. So I came here just to say I am really looking forward to it.

  2. Awesomeness! Just one month!

    Congratulations on finishing the Trilogy, Mark. I can't wait to read EoT. I already have it pre-ordered.

  3. August 6th we are back into the broken empire. Or so the kindle preorder promise is.

  4. Ridiculously excited for this. And I can't believe there is already another trilogy in the works. Please just keep writing - there is just nothing else like your stories out there right now.