Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Best Cake Ever!

The cake bears Kimberly Kincade's rather wonderful picture of Jorg.

Feast your eyes! I feasted my belly as well, but that's another story.

I recently increased my total attendance at fantasy conventions by 200% ... kinda. Last year I popped down to Bristol Con around lunchtime and spent an hour looking around the stalls and chatting with a couple of authors I knew from the internet.

This year I got to the reception at Bristol Con, which is held about 6 miles from my house, picked up my laminated badge and diverted into the bar to cool down from my cycle ride with a cold beer. Two hours later I left the bar and cycled home.

The hours were spent chatting with authors Snorri Kristjansson and Luke Scull, Luke's wife Yesica, and one of my readers, Agnes M. who brought with her the cake pictured above and a fine bottle of wine. The cake turned out to be coffee and walnut, proof that Agnes and her fellows at Bloody Cake News do their research with a purpose!

Luke Scull, Agnes M, Me, Snorri Kristjansson

Here's the evidence I was there - because sadly nobody inside the convention would be able to corroborate. 

Next year I hope to make it 3 hours and spend one of those hours not in the bar. See you there perhaps. Bring cake.

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  1. I keep missing you! You have to spend ten minutes not hiding in the bar one of these years so I can say hello :)