Sunday 15 December 2013

Narrate much?

Competition Closed!

So I have a Jorg-based short story 'Sleeping Beauty' available free on the web, linked here, and another 'Select Mode' that will be released free on the web in January once the exclusive rights for the Unfettered anthology expire.

I would love to offer free audio versions of the short stories, but sadly reading fiction aloud is not one of my skills and I would murder the prose.

However... there's a lot of talent out there. Maybe you have always fancied yourself as a narrator? If so it couldn't hurt your chances if you had some examples of your work to point at... Maybe you could read one or both of these short stories for me?

Here's the opening to the second story, Select Mode (graphics from the Unfettered anthology).

So, if you're feeling generous, or ambitious, or show-offy, or maybe just random you could record this passage and send the .wav or .mp3 file to me to post here, and we'll see if we can find an audio Jorg! (does not have to be male). Send to

Here are the entries so far:



  1. Andrew for sure!
    All of them are good, but Andrew's voice is the best!
    And also remembers me somehow of Rucks, from Bastion :P

  2. Andrews deep and gravelly!

    T.O's cultured and keen!

    Paul - surely his real name is Sean Bean?

  3. Paul for sure, the others aren't even close.

  4. T. O. most definately. He's nailed the right inflection and cadence for Jorg's prose.

  5. Could listen to Martin for hours =] also liked Kush and Cheryl though

  6. I couldn't open some of the files on my iPad, so sorry. And even though I'm a Yank, I don't see Jorge as one. But here is my feedback. T.O. must be a professional narrator because he was amazing. I loved Paul's Northern accent and take as well. And Joel captured Jorge's youth perfectly. But even though it looks like Ancrath was really France, I loved Jorge with a Scottish accent. My vote's with Martin! - Carlene

  7. I'd love it if, when a Jorg is found there was a skit from the collected entrants where the winner is reading the first line from the above when another Jorg cuts in and we get an escalating 'Who the hell are you?', 'Jorg.' 'No, I'M JORG!' *ahem* 'Jorg here...' Eventually someone turns up Dead Ringers style 'BUT I'M BRIAN BLESSED!' No? Just me then... *mumbles*

  8. (T.O. is my favourite, though there are a lot of awesome voices out there!)
    Now, who wants a german-accent female voice reading Jorg? Ehm... I think I'll wait for Katherine or something along those lines... xD

    1. You wouldn't even be the first German-accented female reading for Jorg - go for it!

  9. Really love Martin. I've listened to it twice already :D