Friday 10 January 2014

10 Essential Ingredients for a Fictional Bastard

I made a list (aided and abetted by Sean McCarrick) & it's up on

Click HERE to see it all!

Here are a couple of tasters:

#4   The Bastard Saves Himself

Bastards are great survivors. It’s not just looking after number one … it’s more: there are no other numbers!

The bastards on the Titanic didn’t wait for the women and children to board first. They dressed as women, or children, or clubbed a sailor round the head and took his kit then piloted the lifeboat out.

Prince Jorg’s happy to win a fair fight but he’s damned if he’ll ever lose one. If the rules get in the way – change the rules.

In a polar vortex the bastard is Han Solo and you’re the tauntaun.”

#5 Nobody's Safe

“With a bastard, holy cows are just holy steaks you haven’t cooked yet. Nobody is safe. Not the best friend, not the lover, not little Jimmy with his crutch. Anyone can and will be used.

Prince of Thorns is as much about what Jorg is prepared to sacrifice as it is about what he wants. In the end it turns out that it’s pretty much everything, and this is classic bastard.”

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