Saturday, 1 February 2014

Prince of Fools - The Map!

Ice. Snow. Vikings!

... actually the story starts in Red March not far from a spot that we call Milan.

See the covers HERE.


  1. Ice and snow! So, this book would've fit our recent podcast on "Winter" books.

    And, shiny map! Even more of the Broken Empire world seen! (Next map, we see more of the east? ;)

  2. Do I see an enormous wall of ice separating the extreme north?

    1. heh - you see an enormous ice sheet terminating in a series of cliffs - no Others to worry about :)

  3. Poor Orkney islands, all under water. And Anglesey. All that history. But it looks like my town would just about survive on the east coast of Offa.

    Without Denmark and the south of Sweden it really opens up that sea. Looks so weird.

  4. Can't wait for this book. I've just finished Emperor of Thorns... An epic '4 day, do not disturb, I have no children anymore' read for me. I'm positively chomping at the bit for the June release date, now.