Tuesday 1 July 2014

Audio book giveaway

Competition Closed! You can still enter but you can't win!

Random Winner = #16A (Meg)

Popular vote winner #23 (Edward)
2nd - #22
3rd - #12
3rd - #10
5th - #20
6th - #16B
6th - #17
6th - #13

Following my agent's recent visit I'm now the proud owner of 4 boxed sets of the US version of the Emperor of Thorns audiobook CDs. Whilst the audiobook is available in ecopy on audible for a rather modest price, the CDs only seem to be available from the Recorded Books website at $123 a go.

Anyway - I'm going to give away two sets to the winners of this here competition described below. One will be for the best entry, and one awarded randomly so that there's always a reason to take part.

All you have to do is send me a photo of your favorite line or passage from the trilogy - written on your skin!

Points will be awarded for area covered, number of words, how good your choice of passage is, artistic content, and ... such.

Make like Sageous!

Please ensure that the skin involved is not X-rated skin.

Mail me your entry at empire_of_thorns@yahoo.co.uk


#27 Chris

#26 Kate

#25 Douglas

#24 Michelle

#23 Edward (the first reported Broken Empire tattoo!)

#22 Robert

#21 Rebecca

#20 Michael

#19 Drew

#18 Frank

#17 Tracey

#16B Ellen

#16A Meg

#15 Shannon

#14 Brent (tattoos with considerable personal meaning & resonance with the books)

#13 Lee

#12 Malin

#11 Lee (I'm calling photoshop on this one :)  )

#10 Aaron

#9 Jennifer

#8 Sylvia

#7 Charlie

#6 Paul
(I should note that this was Jorg quoting the bard, and that Jorg said correctly said 'pricking' in the book :)  )

#5 Fiona
(this is photoshopped, but Fiona assures me there was a genuine attempt, defeated by her gag reflex)

#4 Lauren

#3 Lennart

#2 Tullyo

#1 Look at me, winning my own competition ... will nobody stop me?

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations to all participants :)

    Now that it's over, I'd like to tell you one of my favourite quotes (I didn't enter because 1/ it's too long to write anywhere - maybe my back, but I couldn't reach hehe, and 2/ I don't do audio, I need the written word, so wasn't really interested in the prize)

    "You know he had to die. Or at least you will know it in an hour, or a day. What makes us different is that I knew it from the moment you spoke. And in the end, my way is quicker, cleaner, and fewer people get hurt."