Monday 25 August 2014

Raffling the Prince of Thorns manuscript for charity!

Raffle now closed - though of course you can still donate.

$3401 raised!        Feel good about it!


Manuscript and assorted goodies:  Katherine Bultitude

Prince of Fools mug:  Lisa Herrick

Signed Trade paperback Prince of Fools:  Mia C, KC Alexander, Anthony Tackett

(The original proof copy of the Prince of Thorns manuscript, complete with my corrections, signed & doodled)

*this 16oz mug/tankard will be randomly awarded to one entrant*

& 3 signed, stamped trade paperbacks of Prince of Fools will also be awarded randomly to 3 other entrants.

So last year I auctioned the Emperor of Thorns manuscript for charity raising over $3000, and the year before that I auctioned the King of Thorns manuscript. The King of Thorns manuscript is now on the market for a mere $2400! Here's my daughter handing the check over to Children's Hospices South West, a charity that runs a number of hospices for terminally ill and life-limited children.

(Celyn, during one of our stays at the hospice)

This year I'm raffling the Prince of Thorns manuscript.

There are bonus prizes too depending on the size of the winning donation (explained below). These include a mug sporting the trilogy's three covers, a rare signed 1st edition UK hardcover Prince of Thorns, a signed 1st edition UK or US Prince of Fools, and the Prince of Fools audiobook on CD (US version). Note: happy to swap the mug for a Prince of Fools mug and the books for other books.

You buy your raffle tickets by donating directly to the children's hospice charity. Each $ you give is one ticket (I'll do any necessary currency conversions). Email me the receipt they send you. If for any reason you can't donate via the website contact me on  and we can work something out.

[NOTE: The charity aren't involved in this. They just accept donations - you need to tell ME you've entered and how much you gave so I can allocate tickets to you.]

I'll do the draw in a public and random fashion on October 31st and send out the prize.

If the prize winner bought $25+ of tickets they'll also get the UK or US Prince of Fools hardcover signed 1st edition. 

If the prize winner bought $50+ of tickets they'll also get the pretty mug in the picture showing all three Broken Empire covers.

If the prize winner bought $75+ of tickets they'll also get the rare UK Prince of Thorns hardcover signed 1st edition.

If the prize winner bought $100+ of tickets they'll also get the US Prince of Fools audiobook on CD.

(prizes can be varied if you want others of my books or a Prince of Fools mug etc)

(to be clear - if you don't win the raffle you get nothing save the knowledge you've helped a great cause)

I'll keep a tally of the donations on this page with shout-outs/links for anyone who'd like one.

Contributors include:

(I will list you here to thank you publicly unless you ask me not to)
(I'll include a link for you on request)

Lisa Herrick - first off the blocks!
Edward Partridge - also famous for having the first Prince of Thorns tattoo!
Anthony Fleming - most excellent chap!
Tom Lewis - internet hero.
John Piontowski - a doubly generous fellow!
Sam Stedman - to the rescue.
Jan Waite - Goddess of Giving!
Sylvia Lucas - a star.
Sky Fleming - A1 human being!
Deb McManus - top lady.
Shawn Speakman - author, publisher, fine fellow!
Alicia Wanstall-Burke - thespian, gentlewoman, scholar.
Paul Weymouth - dude!
Adrian Collins - King and Overlord of Grimdark Magazine.
Stephen Ivelja - superman!
Dusty Wallace - shine on.
Pen Astridge - a woman of many talents!
Luke MacWhirter - salt of the earth.
Alex & Katie Page + little Jorg - a constellation of stars!
Steve Drew - man of reddit.
Janine Dhami - a giver!
Loki McHenry - a god among men.
Agnes Meszaros - a star!
Yamilé Nadra - best Yamilé ever!
Yagiz Erkan - reviewer of goodness.
Dymphna McQuay - lady of quality!
Anthony Tackett - stand-up fellow.
James Cormier - author, blogger, gentleman!
David Menashy - solid citizen.
John-Paul Clinton - gentleman!
Symon Mazeeuw - quality guy.
Christie Jones - wonder-woman!
Katherine Bultitude - generous to a fault.
Laura Wolterstorff - many thanks!
Mike Myers - salt of the earth.
Hilary Treat - Hilarycopter of joy!
K.C. Alexander - dude among men.
Robert Bryden - fine fellow!
Sakky the Pirate - arrrrr.
Alice Leiper - almost late, but much appreciated!
Roy Chambers - really the last.

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