Tuesday 9 September 2014

Video Challenge!

So I have this kickstarter to build a Death Star...

You can see the preview HERE

just scroll down to see the pitch and the backer levels along the right side.

The thing just needs a video before I submit it. Only ... I can't do videos. I don't have that thing you need, what do you call it... confidence.

So what I need is some heroic individual to don the cowl for me.

Here's the script/directions:

Opens on cowled figure head down. 


Soccer ball Death Star mock up will be in place over left shoulder (hang a ball on a string, add circular patch for the area where the super-laser is) (can pan out to it if feeling ambitious)

Egg and bowl below shot.


Greetings fellow Earthicans. I am Emperor Palpable, and like you I share the dream that one day our proud peoples will cower together under the dominion of a glorious fully armed and operational Death Star.

Our high-tech simulations (gesture to suspended soccer ball), backed up by US Government research, indicate that the project will take eighty-five thousand trillion dollars to fund. I truly believe that with the goodwill of bad people everywhere we can reach our target goal within thirty days.

Let us do away with the politics of appeasement. The era of Trekking through the stars is at an end. Let us show these alien scum Star Wars! Let our new First Contact directive be *lifts up hand, crushes egg* ... modified. *drips away into bowl, out of shot*

Join me, minions, in this glorious endeavour and together we shall conquer the galaxy *muhahahaha*


I'll give it a few days and if more than one entry comes in, select the best with help from my readers.

No prizes other than the honour of being Emperor Palpable. Also, if the Death Star gets funded, you can have the equatorial regions.

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