Tuesday 23 December 2014

List of Lists ... Four!

(I did this last year, the year before and the year before ... I'm doing it again!)

2014 has been kind to Prince of Fools!

Below are the 32 'Best of 2014' lists that I know of featuring Prince of Fools (presented in chronological order of publication). The two main reasons for assembling this list of lists are:

i) A thank you to the reviewers in question. It's a labour of love maintaining a book blog.

ii) You're probably here because you liked Prince of Fools. These reviewers (or in one case, these 200,000+ voters) appear to share your taste in one book, perhaps you will enjoy the other books on their lists.

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  1. Great list, Mark - thanks for including me. Unless I miss my guess, you'll be hitting a lot of the same 'Best of' lists next year! :)

  2. Thanks for included me, Mark! I have to second Bob, this a great list. You certainly deserve to be on all of these lists, and more.

  3. Mark, Happy New Year to you and yours! You have such a great author's voice that gives your characters that indescribable likability that stands out and I'm sure as long as you keep writing you'll stay on my list of bests until that bus with my name on it hits me :)
    I do plan to check out these other lists too because hey they have great taste in literature