Monday 11 May 2015

Charity Raffle / Auction!

Winners = Janice Schubert (auction)
Tom Lewis (raffle)

When they come in I feel a pang of guilt that these generous people have given up this money and may not even get anything for it.... then I remember how that money is spent and wonder how better could any money be spent - when we look after the most broken in society we are at our most whole. You can't spend money better than on these children from whom so much has been taken. Thank you.

It's been a while since I raised any money for the Children's Hospice Charity that gives respite to so many families, my own included.

My daughter Celyn giving over cheques from previous endeavours, including sales of her own book

So what we have here is raffle / auction.

The prizes are

i) a rare signed, stamped Advance Review Copy of The Liar's Key
ii) a signed stamped first edition hardback of The Liar's Key and a Prince of Fools mug

To enter just donate $3 or £2 (or more) to the Hospice Charity and let me know you've done it. Then you're in the draw! You can forward the 'thanks for your donation' email to me at

The person who donates the largest amount wins the auction and gets to choose prize (i) or (ii). The person who wins the draw gets the other prize.

It's a great cause making a real difference to short and difficult lives. Jump in - you'll feel good about it.

The auction is currently being won with a donation of:

£300 / $474
everyone who donates is in the draw for the other prize

Total raised so far:

£1211 / $1914

Huge thanks to:

Trevor Studt
Chris Meadows
Tom Clews
T.O Munro (author)
Agnes Meszaros
Hilary Treat
Sylvia Lucas
Adrian Collins
Janis Schubert
Mia C.
Tom Lewis
Andy Mammel
Joe Dorrian
Charlie Hopkins
Sue Armitage
Nicholas Talty
Beatriz Ogeia
Dean Clark
Tracey Cairns
Louise Warren
Stacey Newman
Pen Astridge
Jude Hunter
Kareem Mahfouz
Jonathan Ashman

1 comment:

  1. " I feel a pang of guilt... "
    Don't even think this! I'm sure I speak for all of those who didn't win that nobody resents for a second the money given. Because as you said, it's not 'for nothing' - it *is* important.