Wednesday 23 September 2015

My Shameful Secret...

I raised a family of book-wolves.

I have been trying harder with special editions!


  1. Wait a minute, you mean they're still family, even after this? Wow, you are one forgiving gentleman. :)

  2. That makes me cry so much... I mean, I think that people who fold corners to mark their place are criminals hehe
    I've got 30-year-old books that look new.

  3. Despite the heartbreaking image, I'll take in so much pride by looking at how your family can't get enough of them. Haha...

  4. That's almost physically painful to look at.

    And to my eternal shame, I can admit to having done the same thing with the Chronicles of Narnia.

  5. I've always thought a pristine book is an unread book - when the spine cracks and pages are taped on, you know its something that's been loved.

    1. The very reason I have usually two copies (preferably a paperback for the borrowing masses and a hardcover for me and my ailing eyes). I always makes sure my hardcover copies don't have cracks on the spine after I am done. Let the mass ravage the paperback, I con't really mind. But should someone touches my hardcover copies and leave a trace on it, apocalypse would come early.

  6. Those look like my books after I'm done with them.