Thursday 13 October 2016

The Gemmell has landed!

My agent, the illustrious Ian Drury delivered the Gemmell Legend award won by The Liar's Key today. And then bought me lunch. That's the kind of agent you need, folks!

And here are my two steel babies getting acquainted. Emperor of Thorns Gemmell meets The Liar's Key Gemmell. Jorg meets Jalan if you like.

It is of course a great honour to win such an award at all, and to do it twice ... better! I follow in the footsteps of Brandon "two axe" Sanderson. And since David Gemmell is one of my favourite authors and a significant influence, that just makes it more special.

A big thank you to everyone who voted and for the hard work of the award committee. I know Stan and Anne Nicholls go above and beyond to make this happen.

Here's to next year's axe winner. Hopefully someone new who will carry Snaga forward to greater acclaim.

Here's Pat Rothfuss's Gemmell Award, also embedded in a shed...


  1. Congratulations! Did you ever imagine this kind of success as you held that first manuscript in your hands?

  2. If you have 2 already, bit mean to nick Pat's.... :P

  3. Congratulations! And a huge congrats to Jason Chan for winning the Ravenheart Award for 'The Liar's Key' UK cover art.