Tuesday 30 May 2017

Competition, photos, prizes, oh my!

Competition Closed

The contest is inspired by this line from Red Sister.

The prizes are signed trade paperback copies of Red Sister. 
Here is one next to the US paperback of The Wheel of Osheim. As you can see they're substantial books.

So, the contest is about how a book has changed you. All you need to do is send in a before and after photo, with you in both and one or both including the book responsible. It can be as simple as a happy -> sad, or even no change at all. 

Here is an example.


The two entries I judge "best" will win books as will a randomly selected entry. So everyone has a chance.

Email me your two photos to empire_of_thorns@yahoo.co.uk

I will post entries here as they come in.

I will give plenty of warning before the contest ends.


I asked my Twitter and Facebook followers for help choosing the winners. 1st place was a clear choice. 2nd place was very close between three entries (I list the other two as honourable mentions). Very many thanks to everyone for all the excellent photos. It was fun!

WINNER #35 Matthew - Discovered the thug life after reading Gang Town

WINNER #31 David - Finds a new calling in life thanks to Prince of Thorns!

RANDOM WINNER #8 A. - inspired to take up the long sword!

HONOURABLE MENTION #18 Daniel - Too much truth, man! Too much truth!

HONOURABLE MENTION #24 Tracey - Beyond Redemption seems to be what the hairstylist said later on...

#36 Jon - reached for his gun on completing The Dark Tower!

#34 Emilee - started moonlighting as an Assassin after Robin Hobb messed with her mind.

#33 Augustine - discovered a book addiction thanks to The Martian Chronicles.

#32 Darric - found himself snorting gunpowder after reading Promise of Blood.

#30 Andrew - Prince of Thorns had him hanging around briar bushes.

#29 Kyle / Slash - / Slash ... geddit?

#28 Kareem - This book slays him!

#27 Trevor - Red Sister turned him into a cactus? Perhaps he's Sister Thorn now...

#26 Tracey - Ms Hobb again, winning someone over, again.

#25 Laurie - that monster Robin Hobb broke her heart!

#23 Robert - Red Sister clearly made him Google "fetish nun costume"!

#22 Brandon - Metro got him kitted up! ... though it looks as if he has 16 years to wait now.

#21 Reddy - Be careful of the company you keep!

#20 Julia - The Stone Road begins a long path from pacifist to warrior!

#19 Leslie - That Jalan ... he's a hoot!

#17 Marielle - G.R Mathews taught her that things are much better, down where it's wetter, under the seeeeeeeeaaaaaa!

#16 Tom - before Gemmell little did Tom know that he was the Lion of Macedon!

#15 Nikolas - Pressfield's The Gates of Fire gave Nikolas the warrior physique he deserves. 

#14 Bethan - it looks as if Terry Pratchett's Sourcery has open the floodgates for Bethan!

#13 Kile - Robin Hobb made this nice man sad! Stop being mean to Fitz, you monster!

#12 Brittany - Patricia Briggs made her a vampire. #BadThing

#11 Dani - Harry Potter turned her from meh-about-books to an addict raising her own mini-readers.

#10 Peter - Clearly he loses his special edition omnibus and this worries him. 

#9 Andrea - Changes ... the title says it all!

#7 Ken - misses the point entirely. The book is supposed to change you!

#6 Conner - of course the joy of calculus is going to sail over your head when you duck like that!

#5 Malin - converted to vegetarianism by the horrors of Apocalypse Cow.

#4 Laura - turned into a cat by the power of Los Nefilim! 

#3 Darrell - um... from doubtful to blown away by The Star Reckoner's Lot?

#2 D.  - somewhat reduced by Ours is the Storm

#1 Spooky - perked up by Kings of the Wyld!

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