Saturday 15 December 2018

My reading in 2018

I've broken my record for recent times and read a staggering 16 books this year. Go me!

And yes, some bloggers read 250+ books a year. I have no idea how they do it or how they absorb so many stories so quickly. I still have elements of these 16 books rolling around my thoughts, if it were 250 I think my head would explode!

See my 2017 reading here.

The rest of my reads in the order I read them.

Demon killing galore. 


  1. Have you read anything by Stephen King and what are your thoughts about his works and the horror genre in particular?

  2. Mark: your enthusiasm for Master Assassins has helped more than you'll ever know! It was a tough year but you made it better! Onward and upward--and thank you. Robert

  3. Great list. I read The Library at Mount Char two years ago and absolutely loved it. Hawkins spins magic in really unexpected ways. Finally picked up The Magicians after years of passing it up. I'm about 150 pages in and can't believe I waited this long.