Friday 27 December 2019

My reading in 2019

I've read a fairly impressive (for me) 16 books this year. If I beat one a month I feel I'm doing pretty well.

I know some bloggers devour 200 or even 300 books in a year. I've no idea how. But I do like the fact that I can remember what happened in the books I've read, and I doubt that would be possible if I read ten times as many.

Here's my reading in 2018. I've been doing this a while so you can step back quite a way.

As ever, every headline links to my review of the book on Goodreads.

(highest average rating of my 2019 reads)

The rest of my reads in the order I read them:

(highest number of ratings out of my 2019 reads)

(longest book I read in 2019)

(shortest book I read in 2019 - also lowest number of ratings)

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  1. I'm one of those who reads 200-300 a year (I don't remember all of them, I just remember the emotions or new perspectives they left me with) and I think you have a great pick for top book. It was also one of the best I read in 2019. Might be my double X chromosomes speaking but I enjoyed the slightly more whimsical approach to fantasy.