Tuesday 21 April 2020


The Girl And The Stars (or TGATS as it's known to its friends) is out today-ish.

My 13th book, released at the height of a pandemic with the bookshops shut... also, the audiobook has vanished.


21st of April:

UK ebook released
US ebook released
US hardcover released

30th of April
UK hardback released
UK audiobook released

?? of  ??
US audiobook released (this has been ... delayed)

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  1. oh noooo! my favorite way to read your books is by listening! more waiting.

  2. Thanks for releasing this book despite all the stuff going on right now. I've listened to every one of your books and loved them. Each more than the last, actually.

    Can you give us any info or hope about when a US audiobook might come out? It was a little bit of a gut punch today to get the alert that your book was released, then realize I personally probably wont be able to enjoy it for a little while. Though I'll at least be trying to read it quickly while hiding in the bathroom from my wife and three kids!


  3. Badgers Balls- I am listening to romance novels at this point, was looking forward to the audio, nothing against romance novels, just that I am a 38 year old dude, not a good look.

  4. What a gift! In the context of current events, spending a day with Yaz was exactly what I needed to remember that things can always be worse :) Thank you for inspiring me to give it my all as we head into another difficult work week.