Tuesday 8 December 2020

My Best Trilogy?

 Over two thousand readers responded to this poll I ran on Twitter!

Which means there were 76 people who thought that the Impossible Times trilogy was my best work! Hooray! I really like it too.

Obviously the results need to be taken with a large pinch of salt - they correlate strongly with the number of readers each trilogy has had to date - and with all three books of the Impossible Times trilogy released last year there's not been much time for it to acquire readers.

Each of these trilogies qualifies as my favourite under different but valid criteria. The Red Queen's War was, for example, by far the most fun to write, and I love hearing how people enjoyed Jalan's antics. The Broken Empire is the closest I got to LITERATURE. The Book of the Ancestor is the best at presenting an ensemble cast. And Impossible Times is my most real work, drawing most heavily on my own experiences. And these things qualify each of them as my favourite.

You should definitely read them all and make up your own mind. Then read The Book of the Ice trilogy and tell me it's my best yet 😀

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